Monday, May 23, 2016

Crabbo McCrabpants

Someone was a crabby, short-tempered, quick-to-cry, non-eater this weekend. Thursday they called me from daycare saying that he had tackled his friend Bradley (He does this at home), and Bradley's finger ended up in his eyeball. He had been crying for 30+ minutes (he isn't a crier),and wouldn't open his eye. She was worried his cornea got scratched. UGH UGH. P was out of town and both kids had dance. I picked up V early, intending to take her to Urgent Care with us, but at the last minute, wondered if my neighbor was home. She has a 4 year old and one year old and is crazy busy, so I felt badly asking her. But I wasn't sure if I could handle him so upset AND her demands at Urgent Care (I've done it before). So she was kind enough to take V (Her four year old loves V), and I gave her a long lecture about not begging for treats and minding her manners.

I went to school to get Benny and he had a paper towel compress over his eye. He wouldn't let anyone see. We got to Urgent Care and there was no wait (hooray!) THis nurse came by and sweet talked him into taking off the compress. He blinked, and then seemed fine! They tried to put dye in it, which didn't go well. They thought it wasn't scratched, and sent us home with eye drops.

This weekend, he was so crabby. I thought his eye hurt. With Tylenol every seven hours, life was improved.