Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Recap

This was a pretty quiet Easter. Everyone was off Good Friday, and we actually got out and had a nice day. Sunday was really, really warm and we spent most of it outside. P was still sick and ended up back at Urgent Care for new antibioics and inhalers. I couldn't eat much. I made risotto which turned out meh. I was too ill to travel and missed church because of it as well :(

Victoria loved her Easter basket and bit the ears right off the chocolate bunny. She also was very excited about the egg hunt. Some were empty, and some filled with pretzels or cereal, which she liked.

Here are some pics. I've attempted to crop them, so hopefully they don't turn out too crummy.

V and I with my frozen upper lip after the egg hunting.

Singing and dancing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I"m here, honest

I think this has turned into the Victoria blog. I'm okay with that. As you may know from my other blog, I've been going through a lot lately. It stinks. I've been pretty miserable too.

Victoria had a hard time at first. She wasn't allowed to sit with me and I couldn't read to her or take care of her or anything. I used to pick her up every day and spend the evenings with her, while her Daddy that worked a lot of hours came home quite late most evenings. He has been wonderful getting home on time and picking her up most evenings when I don't feel well. He does baths, pajamas, lotions, bedtime.

I miss it so much you guys. V has very much cleaved onto P and is very clingy with him. She knows mama isn't well (Mama has a boo boo) and pretty much tunes me out. Its hurts so much, but I know it is a natural reaction to the entire situation. Last night she hugged and kissed P and I asked her for hugs and kisses (could be dangerous) and she kept refusing. It broke my heart.

Just want to get back to normal!!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My kid

Do I love that kid or what? Even though I have been miserable (see my other blog), my child makes me laugh. I did get a little snuggle time with this morning; I've had to keep her at a distance.

She came up to me and "I have a boo boo mama. I need an ice pack".

I wonder who she got that from?