Thursday, July 31, 2008

Still no news....

I went to the OB yesterday and he didn't check my cervix for some crazy reason even though I asked. No signs of impending labor although he told me anytime once again. His official due date for me is today. I didn't plan on having an August baby, so this will be an adjustment. He said if I didn't have the baby by next Wednesday, we needed to schedule an induction. Everything I read about induction is bad.... increases the risks of C-sections, long painful labor, baby can sometimes not tolerate labor well, etc. He said I'd either get cervical gel and pitocin.

Send baby vibes my way please. I'm going to the gym later so maybe that will help??

Good article

I don't know if you remember this girl having leukemia and her parents conceived a baby in the hopes that it would be a match and it was controversial. Great update!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Still waiting....

Between the two of us, P and I must have fielded 10 or more phone call/emails asking where the baby is in the last two days. Well, as one in the know, I can assure you it is not yet here. I appreciate everyone's concern and good wishes, but geez, I am feeling quite pressured! The doctor had moved my due date until July 31st, but told me 'anytime, anytime'. Last night I was supposed to go to BUNKO and had the most intense contractions for over an hour. They started in my lower back and wrapped around to my front lower stomach. I was sure it was time and felt excited and actually quite relaxed. Then it stopped. Definately false labor I think.

I was out at Target for two hours this morning and had three messages when I got back saying .... I supposed you're at the hospital. NO I'm not. Plus everyone wants to be called. Right away. P's mom wants to be called at work. Plus I don't want everyone to know every detail of my labor. I"m kind of private that way.

Let's just run down the basics......

So no, there is no baby yet.
Yes I feel quite well, less nausea the last few days.
At my OB apt Wednesday I was 2 cm dialated and 50% effaced.
I'm off work now. I miss it already to be honest. I like working.
Yes we have names picked out, but no we are not ready to share.
No I'm not breastfeeding. Why? I hardly know you, why are you asking me that question?????
Yes, I am coming back to work.
Yes, I plan on having an epidural. Don't look so judgemental.

I do appreciate everyone's concern and caring..... :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

all summer long

Absolutely brillant day today ---- warm and sunny and breezy.

This song and video reminds me a lot of N. Michigan. The T-top camaro and sweet home alabama is pretty darn accurate. The models in bikinis aren't. And the whiskey - yes Southern Comfort.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hello --

I slept poorly last night; heaving myself from one side of the bed to the other. I then ran by a mom to mom sale (awful stuff), stopped at JcPenny for a return and came home. P worked today (sigh) and I felt so crummy I skipped lunch and lay down in bed for 2 hours. Couldn't sleep. Got up, and got a 2nd wind. I cut up a watermelon, made a GF berry crumble, made roasted sweet potatoes, did two loads of laundry, unpacked and washed a bunch of baby stuff, made an asian salad. I feel like heck now. I am really low energy this week. he is going to have to grill the meat for dinner. I'm just too darn fatigued. I guess this is normal and I should cut myself a break.

I was just downloading some new pictures into my digital photo frame I got for my birthday. I like it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My family is Nutso...

My family is nutso. My mom just called me and wanted to know if I could come to saginaw. My brother in law had a minor surgery there today.

Mom: I'm in Saginaw. J did fine. Yada yada....
Me: That's good
Mom: G (my sister) is trying to send me home with so and so when he comes through
Me: ??
Mom: J was sleeping so we left. they are keeping him overnight.
Me: are you going back to see him.
Mom: G(my sister) has to exercise
Me: Did you have lunch?
Mom: (my sister) has to exercise. She said I snored.
Me: What are you going to do the rest of the day? Shop?
Mom: Can you come to Saginaw?
Me: (shocked). I'm working.
Mom: I don't really think you should drive that far
Me: Uhm no. I"m not coming. For what? I can't drive that far.
Mom: we gotta go.....

What the heck???

My mom obviously wants me to come and 'save' them from something. It;s a 90 minute drive each way. And if you haven't gathered... my sister is an exercise bullimic. Seriously. She has all of these symptoms severely. and it has went on for years.

Wikipedia says this:

Exercise bulimia is a subset of the psychological disorder called bulimia in which a person is compelled to exercise in an effort aimed at burning the calories of food energy and fat reserves to an excessive level that negatively affects their health. The damage normally occurs through not giving the body adequate rest for athletic recovery compared to their exercise levels, leading to increasing levels of disrepair. If the person eats a normally healthy and adequate diet but exercises in levels they know require higher levels of nutrition, this can also be seen as a form of anorexia.

It is often seen as a 'healthy' method of compensation. However, the effects of excessive exercise (both psychologically and physically) should not be underestimated, and excessive exercise should not be seen as a safe alternative to vomiting/fasting in those tackling eating issues. Compulsive exercisers will often schedule their lives around exercise just as those with eating disorders schedule their lives around eating (or not eating). Other indications of compulsive exercise are:

Missing work, parties or other appointments in order to work out
Working out with an injury or while sick
Becoming unusually depressed if unable to exercise
Working out for hours at a time each day
Not taking any rest or recovery days
Striving to achieve and master ever more difficult challenges. Forgets that physical activity can be fun.
Defining self-worth in terms of performance
Justifies excessive behavior by defining self as a "special" elite athlete

Just your public service announcement for today.....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wow, it's been two weeks.

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I wrote. I've been doing quite well up until last night. I had a lot of back pain, and front pains. Today, I was nauseous and dizzy and felt like hell until about 3:00 p.m. I never even left the house today and I had a lot of errands to run. I was lying in bed at 2:00 p.m. even. I'm very ready to meet this child, yet terrified at the same time. What do we do when we bring her home? How do we know when/where to let her sleep? How do we know what she needs - when to bathe, when to feed, how long to burp, how often to wake her up to feed, etc.

Last Wednesday I went to the OB. He made me pretty angry. He keeps changing my due date and now says it is July 31st.... What??? 40 weeks from the start of my last period is July 20th. This takes into account the 20 days or so until ovulation. Anyway.... my counter has me down as being 38 weeks, his as starting 37 weeks. He also would not write me off for work! He said that I would probably be "too anxious" being home and his "fellows work right up until their water breaks". I'm not an MD - I have nothing to prove. I do planning on working this week, and I am going to take P to my appointment on Wednesday with me to exert some force.

I'm not accustomed to not doing anything so it was hard to just sit around. I did make some chili when I felt better, put away laundry, load the dishwasher, and pack my bag for the hospital. P had bet that the baby would come the 13th (tomorrow) and I bet the 18th.

I'm ready.....