Friday, July 25, 2008

Still waiting....

Between the two of us, P and I must have fielded 10 or more phone call/emails asking where the baby is in the last two days. Well, as one in the know, I can assure you it is not yet here. I appreciate everyone's concern and good wishes, but geez, I am feeling quite pressured! The doctor had moved my due date until July 31st, but told me 'anytime, anytime'. Last night I was supposed to go to BUNKO and had the most intense contractions for over an hour. They started in my lower back and wrapped around to my front lower stomach. I was sure it was time and felt excited and actually quite relaxed. Then it stopped. Definately false labor I think.

I was out at Target for two hours this morning and had three messages when I got back saying .... I supposed you're at the hospital. NO I'm not. Plus everyone wants to be called. Right away. P's mom wants to be called at work. Plus I don't want everyone to know every detail of my labor. I"m kind of private that way.

Let's just run down the basics......

So no, there is no baby yet.
Yes I feel quite well, less nausea the last few days.
At my OB apt Wednesday I was 2 cm dialated and 50% effaced.
I'm off work now. I miss it already to be honest. I like working.
Yes we have names picked out, but no we are not ready to share.
No I'm not breastfeeding. Why? I hardly know you, why are you asking me that question?????
Yes, I am coming back to work.
Yes, I plan on having an epidural. Don't look so judgemental.

I do appreciate everyone's concern and caring..... :)

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Sophia (Adventures of Brown) said...

I sometimes get to clicking on blogrolls and I'm glad I got to yours. I love your honesty about pregnancy and in particular, this one.

I was 3 weeks late with my daughter and I felt the same exact way.

PS. I don't nurse either. You're not alone. :-)