Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

• I”ve been meaning to write soo much lately, and life is just spinning out of control this week. My husband is back to working tremendously long hours, so that affects all of us a great deal. He works a fifteen minute drive away from the house, so last night Vi and I brought him dinner. The drive over she was singing and kept asking me about “the train”. “Where is the train, mama?” because we just bumped over some poorly maintained train tracks. When we got there, she was soooo excited to see daddy come out of the building. We went up to his desk area and she was just so pleased. She also ate a bunch of his tic tacs.
• On the way home I went through the Dairy Queen drive-thru (hey, it was 97F here and I haven’t had any in a long time). I got Victoria a small twisted chocolate/vanilla WITH sprinkles. The entire block drive home she keep repeating “I want my ice-cweam” . I set her up at her little table to watch Toy Story (I am SOOOOOOOO tired of that movie) and about 5 minutes later she turned to me with a chocolate beard saying, “I need more sprinkles mama”. She had eaten all the sprinkle parts. She ate a little more than half and I put the rest in the freezer.

• The heat has been relentless. I know my Texas and Florida friends are laughing at me currently, but it has been crazy hot here. High 90’s and 100 for the past entire week. We’re just not used to this. It’s too hot to swing outside, or walk, or go in the little pool. It’s like the air conditioning in my car doesn’t exist. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE STAND THIS???

• I’ve felt like complete garbage this week. It started with some vertigo on Monday night , very suddenly, then a three day headache, then the past two days of severe, burning acid reflux. I haven’t had reflux like this since I gave up wheat. Mylanta has become my best friend and I cut out my morning cup of coffee and late afternoon Diet Coke in the hopes that it will help. Of course, I’m blaming it all on the weather.
• Last week I took Friday off and Vi and I met my mom halfway between our houses. I rented us a deluxe hotel for the night and we did some shopping and some swimming. It was really fun. Vi was a complete angel. We went in Sam’s Club and the only thing she wanted was the industrial size box of tic tacs. She clutched them the entire way through the store. In the car in the way on the way home, she clutched them while she was sleeping. And she walks around the house clutching them. She hasn’t tried to open them, which is good.

• I need some capri pants for work. Kohl’s is always out of my size, JcPenny only had casual, Marshalls had none, can’t get to the Gap Outlet. Anyone have any suggestions?

Monday, July 11, 2011


Conversation with Victoria, Sunday 10:20 a.m. Enroute to Farmer’s Market and Target
Victoria is not a huge conversationalist, more of a babbler and responder, so this took me by surprise.

Me: Your birthday is coming up. Do you want to have a party?
V: yeah
Me: Who do you want to invite?
Vi: names some other kids from her class.
V: Yeah
Me: Do you want a cake?
V: Yeah
Me: what kind of cake – a Ladybug or a Wall-E cake?
V: I want a Yo Gabba Gabba cake
Me: (Groan) Ladybug or a Wall-E cake?
V: I want a Yo Gabba Gabba cake.
Me: What kind of cake- vanilla or chocolate?
V: Chocolate
Me: chocolate with vanilla icing?
V: No. Chocolate.
Me: ooookkkaaayyyy.
V: I get presents.
Me: How old are you going to be?
V: three ( I have been coaching her, but she’s never told anyone before)

We got into Target and she told an older man – “It’s my birthday”. I explained that no, it wasn’t yet.
All through the store she kept asking where the kids were and where her party was?
Not yet sweetheart. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

scenes from the 4th of July

We did some swinging:

We did some boating:

We lit some sparklers (which I did not like):

We spent some time on Lake Michigan: