Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Night Leftovers (really, Friday morning)

* The week has flown by. I spent some of it napping, which is a plus. Monday I had yet another oral/jaw surgery. It was minor with twilight anesthesia and outpatient with my new oral surgeon. I miss my old oral surgeon, but I never saw him anyway. The before was a bit rough but I'm doing okay.
* Some swelling, no bruising, and more pain than last time.
*I FINALLY had the upper implants placed (PLEASE PLEASE let them integrate with my bone), and the lower jaw plate by the molar was dissected out so we could look at the root. That later part is a little bit throbby.
*This is surgery #6 since JAN 2009.
*I'm back at work today. We moved during the time I was off. My old desk at least had some natural light and the cube area was bigger. It was much better than where I am now.
* The FDA is coming for an audit. In all my years, I've never went through an FDA visit. This will be interesting.
* It is supposed to be 70 degrees today. It's been really, really cold lately. Ready for Spring.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I've been having some female issues for the last few months including a lot of pain in my C-section scar region. Yesterday, I went to see a Gynecologist and he ordered some blood tests an ultrasound to be followed by a uterine biopsy. He thinks it is my PCOS and I am going to need some hormone therapy. I was trying to explain to him about my premature ovarian failure. He didn't understand because I "have two kids". How did you get the kids he asked me. I told him the old fashioned and to look up the note from 2005 saying I would basically never had children. I found it myself today:

...... is a pleasant 32-year-old nulligravida female with significantly decreased ovarian reserve as evidenced by high FSH on day-10. I have explained to her the implication of having this high FSH on her low chance of success despite undergoing extensive fertility therapy. There is about 5% chance of spontaneous conception and this does not go up much
despite undergoing a fertility therapy. For this reason, I have recommended for her to look into other options to expand her family including adoption as well as donor egg in vitro fertilization.

If you read my old posts, I went to see two other additional reproductive endocrinologists with the same opinion. I also failed a round of IVF - I didn't make any eggs (extremely rare).

I was reflecting on this last night when I was exhausted and putting away some of eight loads of laundry.