Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Night Leftovers (really, Friday morning)

* The week has flown by. I spent some of it napping, which is a plus. Monday I had yet another oral/jaw surgery. It was minor with twilight anesthesia and outpatient with my new oral surgeon. I miss my old oral surgeon, but I never saw him anyway. The before was a bit rough but I'm doing okay.
* Some swelling, no bruising, and more pain than last time.
*I FINALLY had the upper implants placed (PLEASE PLEASE let them integrate with my bone), and the lower jaw plate by the molar was dissected out so we could look at the root. That later part is a little bit throbby.
*This is surgery #6 since JAN 2009.
*I'm back at work today. We moved during the time I was off. My old desk at least had some natural light and the cube area was bigger. It was much better than where I am now.
* The FDA is coming for an audit. In all my years, I've never went through an FDA visit. This will be interesting.
* It is supposed to be 70 degrees today. It's been really, really cold lately. Ready for Spring.

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