Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This was written on the daycare/school sheet yesterday:

“Victoria talked about having a baby in her belly”.


Speaking of daycare/school, we are preparing to make a switch to a new place. I’m both sad and excited about it. She has been at the same “school” aka daycare center since she was 8 weeks old. The benefits of the place is that it is very convenient for both of us to pick up/drop off, it is sparkling clean, there is a little indoor gym and ample outdoor play area, they have a good curriculum, and she has met so many nice little friends there. The negatives are that for the amount of $$$ that we pay, we just aren’t seeing the return from the price premium. She has been left in wet/soiled underwear, there are 24 kids in her class, they do not provide lunch or breakfast (I have to make lunch every night which actually takes a lot of time), the teachers are so busy at the end of the day that they don’t have time to talk, they aren’t consistent with transfers to new classrooms, often violating their own ranges set out. The big push to move her was finding her poopy/peed up and being left that way several times. When I walked in I could immediately smell it, so you can’t tell me they couldn’t. I had a talk with the director because I was furious about this. It’s just basic care.

I originally put down a deposit for the new baby to start in July. Both kids would have run us major beaucoup $$$$ a month there. Yikes! I could understand if she was receiving extra exceptional care, but I don’t think she is currently. So I decided to check out what else was out there. I found a very close home daycare/school that takes only 30 children; there would be 12 in her class. They only take 3-4 infants. I went and checked it out and P did too. We both liked it. Plus, they provide breakfast if necessary and lunches AND it is $500 less a month. For both kids. That is a lot of $$$. There is no TV, outdoor play, and they too have a Pre-K program. So we decided to go for it. I made P tell the owner, I just couldn’t do it. March 1st she starts at the new place. I’m concerned. Transitions are difficult for her. I think she has some of mama’s anxiety issues. But P is going to take her and get her situated. I’m hoping we made a wise decision . I will miss the other kids and parents at the old daycare, but hopefully the new ones are friendly.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

3 1/2 years old!

A quick Iphone pic before gymnastics this morning... She has more hair now, but not much more.

and for comparison - 2.5 years old:

1.5 years old.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

hard time

It's no secret that my husband works a lot. He never has had a 9-5 job. But since the new year, things have even taken a worse turn. He was gone for 10 days on a business trip. Then, he has worked every single weekend from at least 11-8 both days. It's been rough. By the time he gets home I am exhausted and tired and hormonal and crabby. It's lonely being in charge and by yourself every single night. Sometimes he makes it home for bedtime, and I'm grateful for that 30 min when I can race around and make lunches or sweep the kitchen floor. It's lonely without my husband. There is no pregnancy pampering, no food rubs, or special meals, or naps on weekend afternoons. It stinks BIG TIME. He promises this project will be completed mid February, and that he will take us on a long weekend trip. My daughter misses him. I miss him. Plus I worry about his health. Working 75-80 hours per week is NOT good for him. At all.

It's difficult to keep up. I interviewed a new cleaning lady and she wanted to charge me $125 a week for three hours of cleaning, plus an additional $95 the first two weeks for a deep clean. Uhm, no. Then I had a message today on my cell that she "thought about it, and it would only be $75". It made me think she was trying to see what she could get away with. Why is it so difficult to find a cleaning lady???? I liked the work our last one did, but I honestly think she was on drugs. She even went to the WRONG HOUSE after a year of working for us. I had to let her go.

In the pregnancy department, I'm getting enormous. My OB chastised me because I gained 4 lbs last must instead of three. I wish I was lying. Since I can't tolerate the Glucola drink, I have to test my sugar for a week. Good times. These pants make me look huge. I am not that huge, honestly.

25 weeks

Tuesday I was leaving for work and P called down me that he thought V had a fever. She did. 102 F. Ugh. I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday took her to the MD where she was found to have an ear infection. Antibiotics. Plus she still had the fever and Thursday Daddy had to stay home with her. She fell asleep for 10 whole minutes one afternoon. Now we all have coughs.