Saturday, July 31, 2010


*V is crabby today and broke out in red, angry eczema spots. Last weekend she boycotted naps both days. Momma was so very tired.
*My infection has not cleared up. The good news is that it is NOT in the bone. The bad news is that I am taking another antibiotic, Flagyl. It makes me feel - ugh. I have nausea, and diarrhea and stomach pains. Skipped lunch. I NEVER MISS FOOD OPPORTUNITIES!
*P worked soooo many hours this week. But he came home "earlier" on Thursday night so I could play BUNKO with my lady friends. It was nice to get out. I hadn't played in over three months.
*This Tuesday is Primary Day in Michigan. If I receive just one more candidate (prerecorded garbage) phone call, I am going to become extemely angry. Back in my campaigning days, we would call this Saturday "the Blitz" and be up all night "getting the message out".
* Speaking of annoyances, I am a fan of celebrity gossip (I'd a holdover from when I lived in the UK), but even I have reached my tolerance for the Chelsea Clinton Wedding and Lindsay Lohan's jail sentence.
*Next weekend I am doing a mexican themed ELMO dominated picnic at home for Victoria. I don't do that well entertaining, so wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cute baby dancing

Here is my baby dancing. Her school had an open house on Saturday. It was Hawaiian themed.

(for bargain hunters: I got the dress at a Mom's sale with the hat for $2. It's from Janie and Jack). The sandals are Gymboree and I bought them new with tags for $10.

Monday, July 26, 2010

the infected one

It's no secret I've been having issues with my last jaw surgery.
I started having increased swelling on Friday. The skin around my implants had formed into blood bubbles and pussy yellow bubbles. I called the clinic AGAIN around 9:30 am and the resident on call was supposed to call me back. It got be almost 11:30 with no return call and and I called back and told the receptionist that I needed to be seen TODAY because I had an infection. THey told me to come at 12:30 pm. Ha! Success.

My surgeon was on vacation. The fellow handling my case was at a conference. The 1st year residents did agree that I have an infection Whether it was superficial or in the bone was yet to be determined. Since I have a bunch of metal in my face, that means that the chin plate and hardware from my previous surgery could also be causing the infection. They took another X-ray and just weren't sure. At least there were two cute younger guys fawning over me, right? Another fellow came in and said definitely an infection and diagnosed Peri-implantitis. If you have read anything about this on the internet, it is isn't pretty.

They were going to re-cut the flap and irrigate the area, then re-sew it. Great. Instead, since it was draining, they decided to try and pull off some of the pus (with a syringe) to culture. Thankfully, he put numbing cream on the area, and I didn't feel a thing. He wasn't able to pull off any pus. I got sent home on antibiotic mouth rinse (burns like crazy) and massive doses of Clindamycin - 4 pills a day. Clindamycin also kills off the good bacteria in your gut, so I've been trying to pop some probiotics whenever I get the chance. Strangely, the pain isn't bad at all.

Wednesday I see the oral surgeon and they are going to decide if they want to remove everything. Pray, pray that I heal. I really cannot shell out another $4300 to get these implants replaced. I paid out of pocket last time. All I want is some teeth on the bottom so I can bite into things, like say, normal people?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Important Dates this week.

This is a week filled with many dates. For instance, today, July 23, my father has been deceased for 7 years. I miss him terribly and wish he was here for one more conversation. Not only was he a great father, he was my friend.

Monday July 19th would be my parents 41st wedding anniversary.
Tuesday July 20th, 1990 was the date my father received his kidney transplant. He had it for 14 years until his death seven years ago. This year would mark the 20th anniversary of someone losing their loved one this week. So I think about them too. I really have meant to write a letter to Gift of Life for the donor family, but it keeps slipping my mind.

Victoria was originally due on July 20th. But of course, we all know how that worked out. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Picture Post

I had V's 2 year pictures taken today. It went better than usual. Now I can get the proofs online. Here is a sampling:

As you can tell, the barette made its way out of her hair eventually. We bought the white dress on clearance at the store and it ended up working great!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caught up

I am sick of my mouth and my mouth pain. So I am going to talk about something else.

Because Victoria was delayed in fine and gross motor skills slightly, she qualified for Early On Services through the State of Michigan. Because she was mildly impaired, the nurse would come and meet with us every 3 or 6 months or so, make recommendations, give us pamphlets, and help us set goals for her to meet. Cognitively she was always ahead. (Yeah, baby!)

The Early On nurse we had we just loved. She of course left, and we finally got her follow up visit scheduled. Last night the nurse showed up at 5:30 and was at the house until almost 8:00 (Yikes! I was tired, starving and in pain when she left). The FABULOUS news is that they discharged V from their services. A child has to be at least 20% delayed or have a significant medical condition or other needs to stay in the program. The last time I think they stretched it out a bit to have her qualify, but now she is right on target. They test above and below targeted age. V was super cooperative, polite, and a great listener the entire time. She usually distrusts strangers, but the nurse got on the floor with her little box of stuff and Vi went right up to her. She sorted blocks by color, sorted shapes, put together a puzzle, found hidden blocks, identified pictures, all with ease. The skills she could not perform (some were older than her age - like 34 months) is jumping ( a 24 month skill), stringing beads on a string, imitating a command (ex: act out how mommy washes the dishes). Cognitively she ahead - 28-32 months, but gross motor skills are probably her weakest area.

I am going to have to think up of these little games and puzzles, because she really enjoyed them.

I was concerned about her being such a late crawler (10.5 months) and a later walker (14.5 months), but thankfully, she is fine now :) Praise God.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Post Surgery Update

Friday evening I had a repeat of the previous evenings. My pain was not controlled, I wasn't sleeping, and I felt horrible. I "hit the wall" so to speak. I called the junior resident on call at the hospital (what is the difference between the chief resident, junior resident, fellow, etc?) and he was very nice. He said that while pain is minimal for this type of surgery, people heal at different rates. He would gladly call something else in for me, but since the Ibuprofen seemed to be working, take 400 mg every four hours. That is what I have been doing. I cried and cried. I was exhausted and pain is really wearing on you. It's not like I got to rest much either.

Saturday night I was fed up. I took my Ibuprofen at 10:00 PM. I decided after further thought and research to take Klonopin (i hadn't taken Norco for almost 24 hours). I took half a dose. I slept from 11:30 to 9:45 am! P let me sleep in. That was great! My pain was better on Sunday. It was about a 25% improvement. I'll take it!

I tried the same thing last night. I woke up at 4:30 am in pain. I'm going to go into work early. Wish me luck on working today. The business might distract me from pain, but it's a lot for ne talk and be there all day when I don't feel well.

Friday, July 9, 2010

It is 3 am. On the dot.

And I am awake once again. Due to pain. and just like Wednesday a.m., Vi is up crying. Again. I didn't realize two nights could be so similiar. My pain has been bad. I called yesterday and talked to the resident on call. They said to take Norco 2 - 325 mg tablets every six hours and alternate 400 mg Motrin in between. The pain goes away completely for around 1-2 hours at a time, but by 5 1/2 is is back full force. Lots of throbbing and pain when I open my mouth. I'm terrified it won't go away. Even thought it is less than 48 hours after surgery. I'm a catastrophizier (sp). I'm already worrying the implant is impinging on a nerve, when I don't have any of the lip numbness or anything else indicitive of this. I guess I'm just healing.

When I called, they seemed surprised by how much pain I'm having with this surgery. Leave it to me to be different. I'ld just like to get some sleep, thanks. Despite being home yesterday, I didn't nap and received under six hours of sleep the last two nights.

I just made some instant mashed potatoes and I made them too hot, so I am drinking a Boost and going to try to lay down again. Vi stopped crying. Thank goodness.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Surviving Post Surgery

I am hanging in there. Much less swelling, but much, much more pain. Lots of pain. Think about gettng kicked in the teeth and super sore cheek muscles. Don't forget the pulsing itchy (weird I know) pain in my lower jaw.

I had four screw implants placed in my lower center jaw. The three screws sticking up through my skin were removed. Also apparently the bone ridge (which was augmentened at my last surgery), was too high, so that had to be lowered by grinding it away with a drill burr. Everything was stitched up neatly with black thread instead of white thread.

Other than the pain, things went much smoother than the last time. We woke up V early and dropped her off at school at 7:10, about an hour earlier than usual. She was surprisingly good natured, but cried to stay with us when we dropped her off. We got there and P was able to come back with me for a bit. The resident started the IV, went over the procedure, and had me sign consent. The nurse set up the EKG and oxygen. They are all ready to get started and the resident says, "oh you aren't pregnant, aren't you? When was your last period?" Uhmm try 25 days ago. I was hoping that I was pregnant. So I had to go pee in a cup. Of course it was negative.

I don't remember that much, but I do remember waking up during the surgery. That can happen with conscious sedation, but despite having it 8 times in the past, that has never happened. I remember them telling me to open my mouth, and that is the extent of it. When I woke up of course they tried to rush me out (are you seeing a pattern here?). I kept telling them I was thirsty and they ignored me. I told them I was having pain and they told me to take Ibuprofen when I got home. Gee, thanks. I made Paul stop at the hospital coffee kiosk and buy me a Diet Coke which I started sipping right away. We ended up getting home around 12:00. He dropped my med prescriptions off and picked me some soup and mashed potatoes form the coney island. I took some of Norco (it was stronger) from my earlier surgery and fell fitfully asleep for a few hours.

The pain came back with a vengence around 4:30 so I took Ibuprofen then. At 6:30 I was still in a lot of pain so I took a dose of the liquid Norco. At 9:30 it is really bad again, so I took one of the oral Norcos. It's dulled somewhat, but not gone. The weirdest things hurt after surgery, like my cheeks (apparently they told my husband I have such a small mouth that they really had to streeeecchhh it open. I feel it now. My upper teeth (which were not touched) are THROBBING. Everything got jarred around.

I am going to sleep in bed tonight instead of in the recliner. That's a plus!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We spent the long weekend on the West side of the State with P's family. Here is Victoria swinging at Mears State Park this morning.

There were both good and bad things about the weekend:
Good - the beautiful beach at the Lake Michigan/Bass Lake outlet
Bad - the super hot weather
Good - the traffic and journey were surprisingly stress free
Bad - P's relative that we stayed with has no air conditioning, keeps the windows closed, and had a tiny fan. We roasted.
Good - V loved playing in the water
Bad - multiple, multiple applications of sunscreens. I'm sunscreened out.
Good - when I took V out this morning and we played at the McDonald's playplace in the air conditioning and had a super fun time
Bad- people clearly ignoring the "NO DOGS" sign at the beach and letting their dogs crap in the water right near where my daughter was playing.
Good - three day weekend!
Bad- mosquito bites
Good - warm white sand
Bad - not sleeping due to the heat and being woken up early by P's relative
Good - watching P swish V back and forth in the water and watching her laugh
Bad - P getting overheated after baking in the sun at the parade.
Good - P looks pretty good with a tan

All in all it was good weekend.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

*It's 4th of July weekend. A three day weekend. That coupled with my second jaw surgery on Wednesday means I'm probably only working one day next week.

*Victoria is currently obsessed with ELMO videos. "Elmo's Potty Time" and "Elmo's Shapes and Colors". The first is from the library and the second I bought. I can't stop singing "accidents happen" and "It's hip to be a Square". I feel vaguely guilty letting her watch TV, but it's for less than an hour a day.

* I have a cute 4th of July dress for Victoria. She's worn it before and I cannot find it now. When it is the actual 4th of July. Where the heck did it go?

*We have a gigantic rabbit problem in our neighborhood. When we first moved in it was cute, but now they are EVERYWHERE. I can't plant a lot of flowers because they eat them all. Even things they are not supposed to "like" such as marigolds. They ate all the marigolds and petunias this year. I tried putting this "CritterRid" stuff down and it worked for the tulips, but not on anything else. Our backyard is fenced and they just dig under the fence.

*Gymboree was having a huge sale and I scored V some very cute outfits (She really didn't need them...) for around $8. Coupled that with free shipping and a discount code I found online and I cleaned up.