Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July

We spent the long weekend on the West side of the State with P's family. Here is Victoria swinging at Mears State Park this morning.

There were both good and bad things about the weekend:
Good - the beautiful beach at the Lake Michigan/Bass Lake outlet
Bad - the super hot weather
Good - the traffic and journey were surprisingly stress free
Bad - P's relative that we stayed with has no air conditioning, keeps the windows closed, and had a tiny fan. We roasted.
Good - V loved playing in the water
Bad - multiple, multiple applications of sunscreens. I'm sunscreened out.
Good - when I took V out this morning and we played at the McDonald's playplace in the air conditioning and had a super fun time
Bad- people clearly ignoring the "NO DOGS" sign at the beach and letting their dogs crap in the water right near where my daughter was playing.
Good - three day weekend!
Bad- mosquito bites
Good - warm white sand
Bad - not sleeping due to the heat and being woken up early by P's relative
Good - watching P swish V back and forth in the water and watching her laugh
Bad - P getting overheated after baking in the sun at the parade.
Good - P looks pretty good with a tan

All in all it was good weekend.


MrsSpock said...

How rude to let your dog poo in the water next to someone's child! Why do people do that?

Anonymous said...

:) glad you had a good time. the weather here is killing me! i totally can't take the heat!

in my head i was thinking surgery is tomorrow.... ?? is that right? if so: good luck :) and thinking about you!

JEN said...

MrsSpock - because they are "Special Snowflakes" and the rule don't apply to them...