Sunday, August 22, 2010

Talky Talky

V has always seemed quite verbal. Lately she has been talking and chattering nonstop. She also been speaking in longer sentences. Tonight we got home (we were gone for the weekend) and she deliberately poured water all over the floor and received a time out. I crouched down by her to tell her what she did wrong. She grinned at me and said, "Yes mama, I sorry". The other night when she saw something on a Baby Einstein video she said: "That baby is sleeping". Tonight when we saw the neighbors' cat she said "Hi Crash the cat".

I was excited :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The jaw saga continues

On Sunday, P had a work picnic. On the drive there, my tongue found a swollen spot over one of my implants which I examined in the mirror. It was a swollen bump obscuring the implant. The implant also was flopping around in the socket. Uh, oh I thought. That is what happened with the last one prior to coming out. On Monday I called the Oral surgery resident and he never got back with me. I convinced myself it was getting better on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I stopped by the clinic, but they couldn't see me. Thursday I called again and recieved an appointment for 3:30 pm. They took me in late which could be a problem since with traffic and exiting the parking garage I am an hour's drive from picking up V. Of course, the took me in late. My surgeon was in surgery and I saw yet another new fellow, completely new to my case.

He limped in on crutches, took a tweezer like instrument out, and plucked the implant out of my gum. It was fairly painless, but I heard the crunch of bone as it came out. While the last implant failure was painless and bloodless, this was bloody.Very bloody. I bit down on gauze to reduce the bleeding. THe fellow announced that he was going to irrigate the wound. Last time this was simple. This time, he found so much infection and necrotic tissue that he had to debride it. He scraped out the area right down to the bone. That too was relatively painless. But it smelled. And it tasted bad. And I could feel the tool scraping against the bone. THen I got dry heaves and starting vomiting.

The fellow felt that he should page my surgeon. That was in surgery. That was a bit worrisome. I was the lucky recipient of YET another course of antibiotics this time a double - Flagyl and Clindamycin. Then I went home.

I was devastated. I don't know what is going to happen next.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I want to remember

Oh Victoria, as you approach two years old, there are so many things I want to remember about you right now:

*You will climb up in my lap, touch my face with your finger, and announce "Mama".
*You like to point at everyone in the room and learn their names, then receite them - "Mama, Daddy, Marlene, Grandma"
*You ignore me when I come to pick you up at school. You will run off and play with the stroller, or hide in the bathroom. I"m not sure why you do this, and it hurts mama's feelings, but you do it almost every day.
*While you leave school, you have to pause my your old rooms, have me lift you up, and wave. You become angry if I do not do this and show your displeasure by scowling and whining.
*You concentrate so hard on taking off and on your sandals.
*You put on Daddy's socks, even demanding them while he is still wearing them, pull them up to the knee, then parade around saying "cute". It's even cuter if you are naked.....
*You will bring your little bowl into the kitchen and say "more crackers" and then ask for "more cheese". You always ask for more cheese and rarely get it because you eat way to much of it.
*When I take you out of a shopping cart or stroller, you will wiggle with excitement when you can run off and explore.
*You think you should eat your way through supermarkets. I end up opening packages before I pay for them to keep you happy.
*How excited you are to watch "Elmo" which is your word for TV. You will stand up close to in in your excitement, like you want to climb in the TV and live with Elmo. How when the library DVD's of Elmo freeze up, you announce "broken".
*Your interest in books has waned from its obsessive to liking.
*Your hair or lack of it. You are so tall, yet resemble a baby with your amount of hair. People can become quite confused about your age.
*You like to throw everything that isn't nailed down in your little baby pool.
*You tap keys on my computer to try and make it work.
*The fun we have bouncing on the exercise ball. How you jump on mama whenever I try to use it to exercise and laugh and laugh because it is play time.
*Everything is lotion to you. Chapstick, containers of mustard, tubes of any liquid. You apply it all over you in such a serious manner. It is frankly so adorable.
*You all scrunched up in your crib under your afghan.
*the softness of the little hair that you do have.
*that you are becoming such a big girl, and no longer a baby.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

dental implant woes

Last night after four doses of Flagyl, I thought my implants and jaw looked better and less swollen. It turns out, the implant started to migrate upwards out of the socket drilled in pure bone and protrude through my gums. I phoned the fellow on call and on the way to the ER, it fell out. He irrigated the hole in the bone and sent me home. I searched the literature and I cannot find one SINGLE case of this happening. There are many cases of implants failing (about 10%), usually they become loose and and have to be removed. Never have I heard of the implant working its way out of the bone in this manner. Two of the three remaining implants are loose, and we are watching them carefully. The crazy thing is that this was completely painless.

I'm just so disappointed.