Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another week begins

We had a very family orientated weekend. We went to L for P's niece's wedding. SHe is pretty young getting married - 20 and the groom is only 19, but I am happy for them and it was a lovely day. I've enclosed some pictures.

Today we met up with P's aunts (they both live far away) - his dad's sisters and some of their kids and a bunch of assorted other people and relatives of their uncles. It was nice to see them. They all are suprised at how old P has gotten (the baby of the family) and how sucessful he has become (I am proud too).

One of P's uncles was wounded in Vietnam. I really admire him and his service to our country. THe government should stop paying for people to sit around on welfare and start taking better care of our veterans (political rant over).

Anyway - we danced a fair bit and I talked a whole lot. We're back and preparing to start the week.

Friday, July 27, 2007

the good life.....

It's funny how you can get to be a so called 'snob' about things. When we moved back to MI we bought the Ford Escape from my parents which was about 3 years old and a little bit dodgy inside. Well four more years and 85,000 miles total and the vehicle is getting a bit used up. I thought about getting a few year old Saturn Vue to minimize the depreciation hit, yet get something better, but they were junk. I won't buy foreign (Mazda and Volvo don't count). Now I am looking at the Ford Edge which I loved when I tried it out. I feel guilty getting a new vehicle. Both of ours are paid off so it will be a change having a payment again.

The good life I was talking about it having a car with heated seats and leather. You get spoiled so you don't want the normal anymore. Is this such a bad thing? I guess not. I can be a 'snob' or 'fussy' about a lot of things = such as food. I despise white bread of almost any kind, cafeteria food, and the majority of chain restaurants. I pack lunches for P and I every single day. However, I do go to the much cheaper gym in here in C, but I could care less about coffee (most people I know are snobs!). I am really not snobby about clothes at all, handbags, cosmetics, (tend to buy plain things anyway, so I doesn't matter if they are not Ralph Lauren- along with the vast majority being on clearance and/or 40% off), and colored/highlighted my own hair for years. But --- since I've had professionals doing my hair (last 8 years) it looks so much better. Now I'm spoiled about that.

I grew up failry frugal. It's part of who I am. But - I do work hard My car should be okay for another few years, but that Edge is really callling to me. Plus it has satellite radio - I'm sure I will love that.

I am really having a difficult time deciding on the color. The majority of everything I own is black - the other blue. Hmmmm.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

can't blog

can't blog tonight becuase you know who is home from SC and needs the computer. Our main computer is not operational at this time.


My mum doesn't have cancer! That's a good news for today.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Much has been going on.

We had a nice weekend staying home. The weather was super nice. Saturday I felt awful, but Friday night we went to the big art fair in AA which was neat. crowded, but neat.

TO update:

Haven't heard anything re: my mum. Her MD has been on vacation, but the nurse called yesterday and asked her to call back and talk to the MD after 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. That doesn't sound so great, does it? I am quite worried and concerned.

P's niece is getting married this weekend so we are going to Ludington. It is supposed to be hot.

We have found a new infertility clinic in Chicago which seems promising. I'll keep you posted on that.

That's all that is new........... See - you didn't miss my updates, didn't you?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have been so tired/busy/stressed/ill/preoccupied that I haven't posted. My life isn't that exciting anyway. I actually am writing this at work at lunch because it is raining out and I can't walk.

Last Thursday I hosted my ladies' group over for BUNKO. It was very enjoyable and I didn't even get stressed.

Friday my mum had her annual colonoscopy. You know my aunt has had many polyps and colon cancer twice, my other aunt has had polyps removed, and my mom has had polyps in the double and sometimes triple digits removed along with a resection. She doesn't have much colon left. Well they found more polyps. A lot more. Too many to count. Thus another resection - I don't know the outcome will be - if she will have colonic function or need a colostomy (I hate that word.). We are waiting to hear if they are malignant or benign. Until this point - they have all been benign. She is very depressed and please keep her in your prayers.

It's funny how little you have control over your body - even though you THINK you do. It's going to do whatever it wants and you are along for the caretaking and the ride. My mum eats well and exercises. It's all genetics. The crazy thing is that you are simply the combination of your four grandparents in varying amounts. You may not even have met them - but you are them. Nature is funny like that.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It has been really busy here. Don't I say that all the time?

Last week we took last Friday afternoon off and went to Ludington. It really is a supremely beautiful place. It was great to be outside all weekend. We walked, jetskiied, swam, went tubing and went boating. It took us 6 hours to get home due to the holiday, but honestly it was worth it. Tubing pictures to follow. Of note, Ludington waw named Michigan's most beautiful beach.

I don't have Crohn's Dx. Praise heavenly father! What do I have? No one knows, possibly chronic pancreatitis is being entertained. Anyway - I was so ill last week, I started the wheat free diet. And...... I feel great after one week. Gluten free means absolutely no contaminiation from toasters, etc. I instead cut out all wheat products. I think I am right and that I have a pre-celiac dx.

P and I have been carpooling since Thursday as the Lincoln broke down. It adds an extra 20 minutes onto my day, but it is nice to seen him as well. He is getting the car back tomorrow - I have to drop him off in the morning.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've been unable to post because:

1. I've been gone
2. Our main computer is having difficulties
3. P took posession of my laptop for the entire evening and I didn't get to use it for even one minute.

For some reason - I can't post a title.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Friday ....

Wait! It just feels like Friday because we have off tomorrow. It is very, very rare that we don't spend the holiday in L with P's family. However, we are going up there for the weekend. My test went well yesterday - won't get the results for three weeks !!! However - I was very ill tonight from the Magnesium Citrate I had to take as a prep on Sunday. I still managed to get in 15,000 steps as I didn't get sick until around an hour ago.

Did anyone catch "Extreme Makeover" last night? The girl on there had upper and lower jaw surgery - just like I"m going to have! I am watching it on TiVo tonight.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Ugh. Tomorrow I have my WRE (pill camera) test. I just finished drinking a 10 oz bottle of magnesium citrate. Not recommended. If I keep this down for another hour I will be suprised. It is again like drinking salty sugary Kool Aid. I don't drink any liquids with sugar in them (no juice, soda, punch, etc). Thus I am feeling it doubly bad. Just laying here in the recliner and trying to distract myself by using the computer. I am really nauseous, dizzy and having chest palpitations.