Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have been so tired/busy/stressed/ill/preoccupied that I haven't posted. My life isn't that exciting anyway. I actually am writing this at work at lunch because it is raining out and I can't walk.

Last Thursday I hosted my ladies' group over for BUNKO. It was very enjoyable and I didn't even get stressed.

Friday my mum had her annual colonoscopy. You know my aunt has had many polyps and colon cancer twice, my other aunt has had polyps removed, and my mom has had polyps in the double and sometimes triple digits removed along with a resection. She doesn't have much colon left. Well they found more polyps. A lot more. Too many to count. Thus another resection - I don't know the outcome will be - if she will have colonic function or need a colostomy (I hate that word.). We are waiting to hear if they are malignant or benign. Until this point - they have all been benign. She is very depressed and please keep her in your prayers.

It's funny how little you have control over your body - even though you THINK you do. It's going to do whatever it wants and you are along for the caretaking and the ride. My mum eats well and exercises. It's all genetics. The crazy thing is that you are simply the combination of your four grandparents in varying amounts. You may not even have met them - but you are them. Nature is funny like that.

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