Friday, July 27, 2007

the good life.....

It's funny how you can get to be a so called 'snob' about things. When we moved back to MI we bought the Ford Escape from my parents which was about 3 years old and a little bit dodgy inside. Well four more years and 85,000 miles total and the vehicle is getting a bit used up. I thought about getting a few year old Saturn Vue to minimize the depreciation hit, yet get something better, but they were junk. I won't buy foreign (Mazda and Volvo don't count). Now I am looking at the Ford Edge which I loved when I tried it out. I feel guilty getting a new vehicle. Both of ours are paid off so it will be a change having a payment again.

The good life I was talking about it having a car with heated seats and leather. You get spoiled so you don't want the normal anymore. Is this such a bad thing? I guess not. I can be a 'snob' or 'fussy' about a lot of things = such as food. I despise white bread of almost any kind, cafeteria food, and the majority of chain restaurants. I pack lunches for P and I every single day. However, I do go to the much cheaper gym in here in C, but I could care less about coffee (most people I know are snobs!). I am really not snobby about clothes at all, handbags, cosmetics, (tend to buy plain things anyway, so I doesn't matter if they are not Ralph Lauren- along with the vast majority being on clearance and/or 40% off), and colored/highlighted my own hair for years. But --- since I've had professionals doing my hair (last 8 years) it looks so much better. Now I'm spoiled about that.

I grew up failry frugal. It's part of who I am. But - I do work hard My car should be okay for another few years, but that Edge is really callling to me. Plus it has satellite radio - I'm sure I will love that.

I am really having a difficult time deciding on the color. The majority of everything I own is black - the other blue. Hmmmm.

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