Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Working me to the bone

I"m at my mom's. She is working me to the bone! Nonstop action. The weather is really nice though - pleasure to be outside.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's Lost tonight

Last summer a good amount of our grass died of some type of fungus. There are numerous very large irregular patches encompassing almost half the large backyard. It looks worse than ever since the weeds have taken residence in the dead spots. The worst part is raking out all the dead grass - it requires a lot of elbow grease and then you have a pile of dead grass and weeds to get rid of. That has to be bagged. I have worked dilligently - a little bit at a time to fill in these spots. I am making some headway. I will have to post a picture when completed. Those spots filled over a month ago are starting to fill in. Hopefully it will look better soon because it looks really, really bad. IT also has to watered twice a day.

I shouldn't have done all this. I walked at lunch, walked over to the hosptial, then went to the gym and did circuits. I am kind of whipped.

The season finale of Lost is on tonight! I so do love that show. 2 hours of Lostie goodness - can't wait. I seriously think Lost is my favorite TV Show of all time.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I meant to update earlier (not that anything that exciting is going on). Today I got my hair cut and highlighted and then my co-worker had an open house which was nice. I had some great INdian food (I am actually craving more) and then got home. I felt pretty crummy all day and then I bought six flats of flowers. I love flowers. P made T bone steaks (they were awesome) and then I worked in the yard while he read on the deck. We also took a walk. So exciting. We also had some long serious discussions about our future, money, cars, houses, home improvement.

That's my life.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

There's a storm a coming......

I had big walking/yardwork plans for the evening. They are officially cancelled. Thank goodness I had a nice workout yesterday so I don't feel badly about sitting on the couch for a bit. I also missed my walk at lunch as P's brother was here in town for a medical apt and I had lunch with him. All my running around at work I still got in 12,000 steps. So that is good.

I also got a raise today - out of the blue. For all the mentoring I've been doing. That was a nice suprise.

I went to the new doctor yesterday. She has no doubt that I have Celiac Dx despite the antibody tests being negative. I was very ill all night long on Friday night and ate very little on Sat & Sun and am making up for it today. I have to see another GI doc in two weeks. I also have all these white sores in my mouth which really hurt and the MD says are signs of the dx as well. In the meantime, I have to keep eating Gluten/Wheat. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A nice weekend

I actually have had a very nice weekend. Mother's Day can be difficult for infertiles as you may know.

On Thursday we got some very good news (no, not a pregnancy, unfortunately), but still very good. I will share at a later date.

Friday we went out to celebrate and had a wonderful, romantic date. We went to this restaurant in Plymouth called Fiamma Grill. I highly recommend it. We had wine and the baked Brie appetizer and I had walleye. I love fish and seafood and espcially Walleye. So good.

I was concerned about my mother having a Mother's Day celebration. My sister doesn't do much (this explanation could encompass entire multiple posts) and my brother in law was working. Thus I knew she would be disappointed and sad. I bullied her into driving (see earlier posts about that) halfway to meet me. She did and missed her exit (she's been going here since at least 1970. sigh.). I went and found her and then we went shopping, I took her to dinner in Frankenmuth, we stayed overnight and went to church the next day and I shipped her off home. She had a really nice time and I'm glad.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It is hot out seriously......

I finally am sitting down to watch American Idol that I TiVO'd. I like Blake best. Melinda is so boring and it is like watching a 45 year old woman sing.

It is borderline hot today. Almost too uncomfortable to be outside doing things. I really don't like it any hotter than this - 83 F. I always moan on and on about wanting to move to a hotter climate. Yeah uhhum.

Monday, May 7, 2007

An ode to work

Monday is now past us. SO very glad. Although very nice for a Monday.

I have dialogues in my head sometimes. I think only really smart people do that!

P is not home yet.(Suprise, suprise). He worked Saturday and Sunday. I will have to make him some dinner (yes - I know this isn't the 1950's, but we don't have anything already made, any fast frozen food, plus that isn't healthy and I try not to eat any processed food and he will be starving even though I packed him a lunch. Yes I know I used to be president of NOW and they would frown on that). Why yes thanks, I'm thoughtful.

I think I will make him eggs. Too bad I couldn't make the eggs now and crawl into bed but eggs aren't good warmed up. Trust me on that one.
I am going to call him up like I do EVERY night and see if he is coming home anytime today (take this literally folks) aka before Midnight.

At least I know where he is and he isn't at the bar or anything like that but out earning $$$ to pay for my dental implants. However, it's a crummy time of year to work so many hours because it is so nice out and plus I need help with some things in the yard (that scenario wouldn't take place anyway). Why yes, I do 90% of the yard work. I like yard work unless it's over 85 F. I know I'm the perfect wife, thanks!

I kind of admire him for working such long hours honestly. I did it once during my clinicals and never again.

I like giving myself a pat on the back. I should do it more often.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

One more day until Friday

The week has went by very, very quickly. That is a plus.
I was concerned about yesterday. One of my co-workers is pregnant with her first child. We used to share an office and I like her a lot. The only time it was really hard on me is when she brought in the ultrasound pictures adn everyone ooed and aahed. She also insisted on showing me and explaining in detail. I excused myself to get coffee and hid in an office down the hall for 15 minutes til the commotion was over. Yesterday, my co workers had a baby shower for her. I don't do baby showers... for obvious reasons. I went to one briefly at work last year and when the gifts were being opened, became very teary. I also did not want to have any sort of 'meltdown' where I ruined her time either.

Thus I respectfully bowed out of the lunch portion, and then four separate people came and found me and told me they were waiting for me to cut the cake. I told them each time to go ahead until I was forced to sit there for 10 minutes with a fake smile on my face before I could hastily exit.

I really have attempted to examine my feelings about the entire matter. I really have to do whatever it takes to take care of myself emotionally. SOmeone accused me (incorrectly) of being jealous. I honestly am not jealous. I just feel terribly about myself and then feel very very sad and empty inside. I'm glad the day is over, I cannot lie.

The ladies group that I belong to can be a bit difficult as well. People where I live all have tons of kids, three or more. This group is very fertile. Except for yours truly. Sigh. Every meeting someone is showing with a new happy pregnancy.

I guess I can be grateful for one thing - I will be sleeping tonight.