Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's Lost tonight

Last summer a good amount of our grass died of some type of fungus. There are numerous very large irregular patches encompassing almost half the large backyard. It looks worse than ever since the weeds have taken residence in the dead spots. The worst part is raking out all the dead grass - it requires a lot of elbow grease and then you have a pile of dead grass and weeds to get rid of. That has to be bagged. I have worked dilligently - a little bit at a time to fill in these spots. I am making some headway. I will have to post a picture when completed. Those spots filled over a month ago are starting to fill in. Hopefully it will look better soon because it looks really, really bad. IT also has to watered twice a day.

I shouldn't have done all this. I walked at lunch, walked over to the hosptial, then went to the gym and did circuits. I am kind of whipped.

The season finale of Lost is on tonight! I so do love that show. 2 hours of Lostie goodness - can't wait. I seriously think Lost is my favorite TV Show of all time.

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