Sunday, May 13, 2007

A nice weekend

I actually have had a very nice weekend. Mother's Day can be difficult for infertiles as you may know.

On Thursday we got some very good news (no, not a pregnancy, unfortunately), but still very good. I will share at a later date.

Friday we went out to celebrate and had a wonderful, romantic date. We went to this restaurant in Plymouth called Fiamma Grill. I highly recommend it. We had wine and the baked Brie appetizer and I had walleye. I love fish and seafood and espcially Walleye. So good.

I was concerned about my mother having a Mother's Day celebration. My sister doesn't do much (this explanation could encompass entire multiple posts) and my brother in law was working. Thus I knew she would be disappointed and sad. I bullied her into driving (see earlier posts about that) halfway to meet me. She did and missed her exit (she's been going here since at least 1970. sigh.). I went and found her and then we went shopping, I took her to dinner in Frankenmuth, we stayed overnight and went to church the next day and I shipped her off home. She had a really nice time and I'm glad.

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