Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Plans

V is going back to the Rec Center camp this summer. I wanted her to do the school camp, since it is at the elementary school right down the road from her elementary school (the west side of our town has a lot of population growth) and I like the teachers and she knows a lot of the kids. However, she wanted to go back to the Rec Center, which is out of our way, but not crazily so. My only complaints are that she is in the pool four days a week (her hair gets fried from the chlorine), she gets crazy tired, they are forgetful about her medicine, and it has a huge parking lot, where I have to park and walk through the facility with a preschooler which adds a lot of time onto our day. They do go on fun field trips every Thursday. It is also $20 cheaper a week than the school camp.

The 2nd week of August she is going to day camp with her friend at Greenfield Village. What a great opportunity! I am carpooling, so will have to drive over there after work (probably an hour) and do pickup. The last week of August we are driving across the country!

I kept Benny at daycare for the summer. I considered putting him in some sort of active day camp, but ended up keeping him there for the following reasons: He will be there in the fall for Pre-K, his friends are there, he still needs a nap, it is 0.6 miles from my house. Next year he can attend V's camp, but it is pretty fast paced and he will just be entering Kindergarten.

We'd like to do some weekend trips this summer, but it seems like it is jam-packed full.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hello, Hello

A month passes. Hahahaha! We've had the end of school, baseball x 2, dance rehearsal and recital, Memorial Day, Our Anniversary, my birthday, a bad illness for Benny, a surgery (cancelled at the last minute, more on that - GRRR), a weekend trip. It's all just too much. I need to clone myself or work part time. It's insane. I take a look at my last blog post and realize a month has went by.

Here are some children pictures: