Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little sweetie

Today Vi really wouldn't drink her bottles at day care. I was going to hit the gym for 45 minutes prior to picking her up. But when I called to let them know, they told me about the lack of fluids. I went to get her and we ate (6 oz for me!) and decided to go to Sam's Club. That is always a tiring trip. It was pouring rain and I covered Vi up with my coat. She was such a little doll in the store! Everyone stopped and said hi and she didn't make strange or anything, just smiled and talked. She sat up in the cart like a big girl and I couldn't put the strap around her to help support her because it was soaked. We got diapers (of course), TP, paper towels, cheese, and shrimp. I felt so honored to be her mum and be out with my little friend.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Vi does not like Yo Baby yogurt.

85 degrees x 3 days is too hot in April although the little shorts and top on Vi is so cute.

Vi has not made any crawling progress. Every time I look at her, I start to worry a bit.

I bought Vi a little trike to sit on and help her back muscles at a Mom to Mom Sale. I had pillows all around her and was sitting about 6 inches away and she took a header off the side right onto her face (in the teeny place where there were no pillows of course) which resulted in a bloody nose and lots of screaming.

Vi moved up to a big girl carseat. I was all set to get one recommended by a friend, but there was an awesome sale. I got the Cadillac of carseats - the $309 Britax Boulevard. I wanted the black one since our car is black, but they were d/c the tan one so it was marked down to like $260 and then I had a 20% coupon (Buy Buy Baby), so I saved $50, and I had a Bed, Bath, Beyond Gift Card for $40, so I ended up paying around $175 for it. I love sales! Dad is still using the Evenflo Travel System Carseat. We tried her in the Britax last night and she screamed and screamed and screamed. I wasn't able to take a photo :(

Vi and I went to the library yesterday. She liked it. They have a nice kids section and I got her a few books. If she isn't going to be a track star, she is going to be super smart, darn it!

The Swine flu has me freaked out. Should I stock up on Formula and bottled water??? Seriously.

This Auto Industry thing is not good. Not good at all for us here in Michigan. Goodbye Pontiac. Not my favorite car brand, but the Pontiac Vibe was cute.

Bea Arthur died. She was my favorite Golden Girls character as "Dorothy".

My life is not very exciting lately, is it?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Disappointing News

This is a difficult blog post to write for me.

The RN Evaluator from the Health Department came over yesterday for Vi's evaluation. She was super fun and friendly and the normally stranger-averse Vi adored her and put on her extra charm with her big toothy grins and laughs. The first part of the 2 hour appointment was giving Vi toys to play with and tasks to complete. She played with a peg board and wouldn't pull the pegs out, but when given, would pound them together. For fine motor, she could drop a block, using a raking grasp, but not a pincer grasp (8 month task), pull an object on the end of a string (10 month task), and could not self feed (8 months). Thus she was found to be 1 month delayed in fine motor skills which was a huge surprise to me.

Gross motor wasn't so good. They assessed her as 2-4 months behind. No crawling, pulling up, not tripoding, not much rolling over, and the most concerning was the head lag (4 months). Usually if you pull a baby up by the arms from a laying position, her head remains steady. Vi's flops back ever so slightly, but not severely so like a newborn's would. Daycare had been telling me about this as well and I blew it off. The good points were that she sat up on her own, and that she when tipped in various directions puts out her hand to steady herself. She also is trying to crawl and can scoot backwards.

Cognitively and verbally she is on track and ahead in some areas. So that is a relief.

The good and bad news is that she is not severe enough to qualify for weekly therapy. The are going to give me exercises to do with her and check back in two months. If she has not improved by then, she will qualify. So what is the reason for her delay? They do not know. But the health department RN said we are the most educated and well-off families on her subject agenda. Thus, Vi has a lot of advantages to catch up.

I woke up in the night thinking about it. I love my baby so much. I will do whatever I can to help her.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8 Month Update

I didn't yet write an 8 month update for Vi. It was the same time as Easter and frankly, things have been very hectic around here as usual.

Vi is doing well. She is extremely happy and smiley. She talks and tries to 'tell us' something frequently. She had her first wave last weekend and loves to eat. She eats 1 -4 oz veg, 2- 4 oz fruit, 1 -4oz mixed fruit/veg, and 3 T cereal in the a.m. and p.m. along with a reduced amount of formula. I got her to take a sippy cup with formula this week and drink an oz or so, mostly for practice.

Sleep has been fairly okay. Last week she had an awesome stretch of sleeping 9-6:30 with no night wakeups. The last three nights have been the 3:30 a.m. wakeups for the bottle to gulp down. No more a.m. nap and p.m. nap. Usually just a 2-3 hour nap starting anytime from 11 to 1.

I need to buy her a new carseat because her current one is 22 lbs and 30 inches limit and her length is around 29 inches and her weight around 17 lbs.

I remain concerned regarding her physical development. She can sit up unassisted well, (except in strollers or shopping carts where she slumps over for some reason) and is scooting around backwards while on her tummy. She is trying desperately to raise her tummy off the floor and get her knees under here placing her on all fours. Success is occurring more often. She is not rolling over much - you see some kids her age rolling all over the floor - nor pulling up at all. Standing heavily supported lasts only a few seconds or so. The physical therapist is scheduled to come on Wednesday for an evaluation.

I cannot believe my baby is 8 months old.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

I had a pretty good Easter weekend. Only three things would have made it better - warmer weather, a gym workout & ham.

The highlight of weekend? P and Vi were playing in the living room. I walked in with my mom who hasn't seen Vi in almost a month. My mom said "Hii Viii" in a singsongy voice and waved to her. Vi picked up her arm, turned her hand back and forth and waved back! For the first time. It was very special and we were all shocked and thrilled :) It was a very special Easter present for my mom.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This day is not shaping up to be a good one.

Last night my mom called and said she was coming for Easter. We had planned on have people over to play games all day Saturday. P thought my mom could babysit. My mom won't go for that - she wants me to run around all day to places like Kohl's, Sam's club, JcPenny, etc. That isn't fair to P who wants to spend time with us. So I'm trying to make everyone happy - but myself. I think we all may go to a local garden with walking trails, etc. My mom will have to deal with this not being a shopping trip, and P with it not being a gaming day. I hate arguing with P because he does not give one iota. My mom is also prone to flipping out and getting mad over the smallest occurance.

I woke up at 2 a.m. with bad stomach pains (too much stress) and the dryest mouth ever. So dry I could barely swallow. Maybe if I got my butt in and had the test for Sjogren's Syndrome, I could get started on some treatment. I fell back to sleep just before 3, and Vi was up from 3-4 and didn't want to go back to bed. I put her in her crib, put the toy on, and closed the door.

P is out of town, so I have been on morning duty.
I got up very late, had to make bottles, took a quick shower and didn't wash my hair or put on makeup (I look crummy and didn't feed Vi). The garage door wouldn't go up so I had to manually lift it to get out and when I left. I also took out the garbage and one bag broke up so I had to clean that up. There is a new teacher at daycare and Vi had stranger anxiety, so I had to hang out and see what was going on. I got to work half an hour late and my stomach still hurts. I started crying when someone corrected me and now I'm just hanging out back in my cube.