Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Vi does not like Yo Baby yogurt.

85 degrees x 3 days is too hot in April although the little shorts and top on Vi is so cute.

Vi has not made any crawling progress. Every time I look at her, I start to worry a bit.

I bought Vi a little trike to sit on and help her back muscles at a Mom to Mom Sale. I had pillows all around her and was sitting about 6 inches away and she took a header off the side right onto her face (in the teeny place where there were no pillows of course) which resulted in a bloody nose and lots of screaming.

Vi moved up to a big girl carseat. I was all set to get one recommended by a friend, but there was an awesome sale. I got the Cadillac of carseats - the $309 Britax Boulevard. I wanted the black one since our car is black, but they were d/c the tan one so it was marked down to like $260 and then I had a 20% coupon (Buy Buy Baby), so I saved $50, and I had a Bed, Bath, Beyond Gift Card for $40, so I ended up paying around $175 for it. I love sales! Dad is still using the Evenflo Travel System Carseat. We tried her in the Britax last night and she screamed and screamed and screamed. I wasn't able to take a photo :(

Vi and I went to the library yesterday. She liked it. They have a nice kids section and I got her a few books. If she isn't going to be a track star, she is going to be super smart, darn it!

The Swine flu has me freaked out. Should I stock up on Formula and bottled water??? Seriously.

This Auto Industry thing is not good. Not good at all for us here in Michigan. Goodbye Pontiac. Not my favorite car brand, but the Pontiac Vibe was cute.

Bea Arthur died. She was my favorite Golden Girls character as "Dorothy".

My life is not very exciting lately, is it?

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