Thursday, February 7, 2013


My husband has been putting V to bed when he is home for bedtime. Someone has to lie down with her and read to her, then hang out in bed with her and snuggle until she falls asleep. Daddy is really good at this and she looks forward to this time. Lately, I’ve been joining them in bed (she has a big double bed – I highly recommend), and hanging out with them. My husband found this cool Disney short called “the Paperman” – and we’ve been watching in on the IPhone. She knows that daddy works and is a “boss”. In the short, the boss brings the man paper. “daddy, do you bring people paper?”. “No, not really”. So cute.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New House

So as you may or may not know, we bought a new house. It was kind of crazy how we found it. We went and looked at some in a three community area. We were looking for something bigger, a bit more wooded, close to everything we need, another full bathroom, and a 2nd floor laundry room. We looked at six different houses; fact finding, etc. One Saturday in early December I was driving to a hair appointment while P took V and the baby to gymnastics. I was sipping my McDonald’s Diet Coke and took a different route to the salon. I drove into a sub I’ve been in once prior and thought, “boy, this is nice”. I saw a house for sale with a wooded lot and woods across the street. I texted P – “I just found our next house”. I told him the address and he said “I’ve already seen that on Zillow a bunch of times”. I told him to drive by it. When I got home he arranged to look at it Sunday morning and we put an offer in on it. How crazy is that?!?

More about it later.....

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers

Friday Night Leftovers

• I’ve wanted to write so many times. Life is completely chaotic. My husband worked last Sunday and wasn’t home before 12:30 am the rest of the week. Completely crazy.
• We closed on the house last Wednesday and spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday taping and painting mostly. I despite painting. It makes my Fibromyalgia body hurt and the clean up and touch up is annoying. I would like to paint the entire house but we are going with just the most needed (and hated) rooms. V’s room will be light purple, Benny’s room is “Little Boy Blue”, the bathroom is “Irish Cream”, and our bedroom is going to be “Mercer Blue”.
• I need a theme for a kids’ bathroom (they will have their own bathroom!!) that has black countertop and peachy-sand color walls. P was thinking a beach theme.
• B is starting to crawl. He inched forward with his knee a few paces yesterday. I bawled. When did he get so old?
• Last week was rough. Besides the closing on the new house, B had to go to Urgent Care with croup, an ear infection, and a inflamed throat. Poor little guy. I was home with him Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday morning. He was a handful and very needy. Thursday-Friday I was off for the new house stuff. This week at work has made up for it.
• Michigan has had a crazy weather week. 55 degrees last Saturday, then snow, then more rain and 55 degrees, now cold and more snow. Seriously?