Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers

Friday Night Leftovers

• I’ve wanted to write so many times. Life is completely chaotic. My husband worked last Sunday and wasn’t home before 12:30 am the rest of the week. Completely crazy.
• We closed on the house last Wednesday and spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday taping and painting mostly. I despite painting. It makes my Fibromyalgia body hurt and the clean up and touch up is annoying. I would like to paint the entire house but we are going with just the most needed (and hated) rooms. V’s room will be light purple, Benny’s room is “Little Boy Blue”, the bathroom is “Irish Cream”, and our bedroom is going to be “Mercer Blue”.
• I need a theme for a kids’ bathroom (they will have their own bathroom!!) that has black countertop and peachy-sand color walls. P was thinking a beach theme.
• B is starting to crawl. He inched forward with his knee a few paces yesterday. I bawled. When did he get so old?
• Last week was rough. Besides the closing on the new house, B had to go to Urgent Care with croup, an ear infection, and a inflamed throat. Poor little guy. I was home with him Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday morning. He was a handful and very needy. Thursday-Friday I was off for the new house stuff. This week at work has made up for it.
• Michigan has had a crazy weather week. 55 degrees last Saturday, then snow, then more rain and 55 degrees, now cold and more snow. Seriously?


strongblonde said...

i know! this weather is KILLING me :)

so glad to see you posting. :) so sorry about little B, though. that sucks. i HATE kid illnesses. they just seem so miserable. poor little things!!

is your new house closer to me?? :)

Anonymous said...

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