Sunday, September 30, 2007

Computer is working again!

The computer is working again.

I was just scanning some photos in this morning before I got to work (cleaning).
By the way - I now have a FLICKR account - if you aren't familiar with this, it is awesome! I am downloading all of our extensive collection of pictures on there (really -- if anyone cares except us).

P is away. Again. In Charleston. I was going to go with him, but work was really crazy and I had been away, I would have had to fly into Myrtle Beach, etc. So I stayed home and did housework and exercised.

Something is bothering me lately. People frequently make remarks about how much I exercise, how thin I am (I am average), and how dedicated I am. Many of these people I work with, some are family. These are usually made with a sort of rudeness and envy to them, causing me to explain, which I really, really don't need to do. Would they rather I be lazy, fat, sick and/or unhappy? Because I won't be ever again. Let's face it, many people are very very lazy and get no exercise. I'm not saying all people are lazy. I'm not even saying that people that don't exercise are lazy. Many people do not require the amount of exercise that I do to be healthy and happy. Remember, I simply LOVE exercise. I love to be active, and exercise is something I choose as a hobby (I have no children, remember?). Also please remember that even as much I like exercise, many many times I dont' feel like doing it - I'm sore (remember I have FM), I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm running late, I'm crabby, I have things to do. The difference is that for the most part - I make myself do it anyway. I make it a priority. I would rather take a hike or work in the yard than watch TV. And that is the difference between you and I. I am not somehow better than you or you than me. I like exercise, I like lifting weights, I like the gym. If you are envious of me, than please keep it to yourself. Plus you expect to get the same results (which are average, remember) that I do. How often do you exercise? I'd like a flat stomach, but I don't do enough ab work. I know that and accept it while still trying to address that deficiency.

Let's recap the exercise for this week - I sure wasn't perfect!

Sunday - 6 mile hike w/P - 2.5 hours
Monday - walked at lunch for 30 minutes. cardio at gym - 40 min/arms/some abs weights - 45 min
Tuesday - walked at lunch 40 min
Wednesday - walked at lunch 30 min, cardio at gym - 40 min abs/legs - 45 min
Thursday - none. Two trips to hospital
Friday - walk at lunch 45 min, two trips to hospital
Saturday - gym - arms/legs/step for 1 hour, walking for 30 min & tons of cleaning

It does really hurt that others feel the need to attack me and be critical of me. I have several health problems that make exercise a necessity. It is not an option.

There I am done with my rant now. I am tired of the stares and the whsipers from people. Thanks for listening.

Oh - and if you are nice I will put up my FLICKR account so can then share in the excitement of our life in pictures.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007


Just gotten lots of emails regarding various stuff so to quickly update:

1. My mom did extremely well and was able to go home the same day. She is very lucky and they got all the polyps out (24 this time) so she does not have to be cut open. I'm back from A and I have today off (shhh - dont' tell my mom). I am going to the gym for some cardio/weightlifting (haven't been since Sunday).

2. My brother in law's surgery for his Trigeminal Neuralgia went very well. In fact, he is almost off pain meds. That made me cry when I heard it. You cannot imagine the decline and significant disibility he has been through in the last three years. no one would help him. Since I found the MD and pressured him to make the apt and follow through with surgery he says I saved his life. I certainly didn't, but I will take the thanks in good karma.

3. My braces are great! It is kind of funny that my 15 year old nephew and I both have braces at the same time. I still need to post a picture. I'm not sure what they are trying to achieve however.

4. For those that asked, P does not start at MIT until January. We are going out in a month for the open house. I think we will take the Edge and drive out. Any good suggestions for stopping on the way?

Enjoy the Friday.

Monday, September 17, 2007

It's a beautfiul fall day

I'm up visitng my mum in A again. SHe is having that colon procedure/possible surgery tomorrow and I didn't want her to be alone in case of emergency. The weather is simply outstanding - we took a walk down by the river. It's sunny, light breeze and 72 degrees - the most perfect weather in the world. I ended up cutting her grass tonight too. She lives on a semi-main street and everyone goes by and stares at out (this is A, remember). It's kind of funny.

I hope all goes well tomorrow. I"ll keep you posted. Keep us in your prayers.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I"m paying for this?

my teeth don't hurt perse, but the inside of my lips and mouth are torn up despite all the wax. I'm in a bad mood and I'm not even going for a walk or anything tonight. I'll be busy pureeing broccoli instead.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I got braces! I got braces!

Well.. obviously the main topic for today is that I got braces put on. I feel like a junior high school kid. I wanted to chicken out this morning, but really looked at my teeth and jaw - and they are a mess! So I went. It took a long time- 3.5 hours, but much of that was waiting. I didn't end up getting the TPA (transpalatal appliance) because it didn't fit correctly (yeah!), but I have to go back in a month and get it after it is remade in the lab. :( I really don't have much soreness even though the wires were put in in segments. Orthodontics is very different than I had it back in 1985, that's for sure. No more metal tie wires, no one wears bite plates, colored elastic band thingies to hold your teeth to the archwire, adjustments bimonthly instead of weekly etc.

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but my laptop at home gives me problems. Our main computer is still non operational (when the 'repairman' works 14 hours per day, is it really any suprise?).

So the braces update for today - very difficult to chew. I ate oatmeal, scrambed eggs and mashed potatoes today, and my lips over my front teeth have some good bloody sores forming. On with the wax. Oh and a bracket came loose this morning and I had to get it cemented back on. Good thing the Ortho is across the street from my office. This brings back some memories for sure - crummy ones. Let the pain begin.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hello - Hello!

Happy September. It doesn't feel much like fall today since it is 95 degree F. School started this week in Michigan. It was always really hot the first two weeks of school, even up North. Plus we used to start the 3rd week of August. No little ones for me to send off to school - infertility manifests itself in small ways constantly that leave me sad and longing. I bought my niece and nephew some new clothes for school and so did my mom. I loved having a new outfit for the first day of school. My niece and nephew are pretty spoiled by my mom but all in all they don't get to take any trips or do anything that fun.

P is on his was back from Isle Royale despite being delayed by almost two days due to bad weather. It is an 11 hour drive. I have a meeting tonight. I'm kind of crabby because I haven't worked out in a week due to the gym being closed for cleaning and being out of town. I HAVE to get there tomorrow.

I have a job interview for a supervisor's job tomorrow. I haven't been on a job interview in almost four years. It would not be my very 1st choice, but I am going to throw my hat into the ring!