Friday, September 21, 2007


Just gotten lots of emails regarding various stuff so to quickly update:

1. My mom did extremely well and was able to go home the same day. She is very lucky and they got all the polyps out (24 this time) so she does not have to be cut open. I'm back from A and I have today off (shhh - dont' tell my mom). I am going to the gym for some cardio/weightlifting (haven't been since Sunday).

2. My brother in law's surgery for his Trigeminal Neuralgia went very well. In fact, he is almost off pain meds. That made me cry when I heard it. You cannot imagine the decline and significant disibility he has been through in the last three years. no one would help him. Since I found the MD and pressured him to make the apt and follow through with surgery he says I saved his life. I certainly didn't, but I will take the thanks in good karma.

3. My braces are great! It is kind of funny that my 15 year old nephew and I both have braces at the same time. I still need to post a picture. I'm not sure what they are trying to achieve however.

4. For those that asked, P does not start at MIT until January. We are going out in a month for the open house. I think we will take the Edge and drive out. Any good suggestions for stopping on the way?

Enjoy the Friday.

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