Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I got braces! I got braces!

Well.. obviously the main topic for today is that I got braces put on. I feel like a junior high school kid. I wanted to chicken out this morning, but really looked at my teeth and jaw - and they are a mess! So I went. It took a long time- 3.5 hours, but much of that was waiting. I didn't end up getting the TPA (transpalatal appliance) because it didn't fit correctly (yeah!), but I have to go back in a month and get it after it is remade in the lab. :( I really don't have much soreness even though the wires were put in in segments. Orthodontics is very different than I had it back in 1985, that's for sure. No more metal tie wires, no one wears bite plates, colored elastic band thingies to hold your teeth to the archwire, adjustments bimonthly instead of weekly etc.

This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but my laptop at home gives me problems. Our main computer is still non operational (when the 'repairman' works 14 hours per day, is it really any suprise?).

So the braces update for today - very difficult to chew. I ate oatmeal, scrambed eggs and mashed potatoes today, and my lips over my front teeth have some good bloody sores forming. On with the wax. Oh and a bracket came loose this morning and I had to get it cemented back on. Good thing the Ortho is across the street from my office. This brings back some memories for sure - crummy ones. Let the pain begin.

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