Saturday, October 26, 2019

11 Years OLD

I started this blog before I was even pregnant with this now 11 year old child.  She's so grown up.  It seems like she just finished the princess stage, and the Kindergarten stage, and even the 8 year old stage.  But here she is.  Eleven.  Halfway through childhood. 

*She is currently really, really into Harry Potter.  She asked me about a year ago why everyone likes Harry Potter so much.  She didn't understand.  We had all the books from when we lived in England with British covers.  She started reading and couldn't stop.  She thinks she's a lot like Hermonie Granger.  Studious, non-smiler, serious, reader. Yep.  I agree.

*The kids started karate a year ago.  I really did it for Benny, who was very interested.  Well, she is really good.  Her forms are very crisp, and she was invited into elite leadership team before her brother (lots of crying).  She's doesn't love it all the time, but it's so good for her.  So I told her she can't' quit.

*She also does Math Club, and dance again (year 7).  Dance is just recreational, but she takes Jazz and Lyrical.  For fun.

* She's tall - 5'1".

*Her academic performance is still stellar.  She's at the TAG school and it's a great fit for her.  Last marking period she earned all A and one A- (in Phys Ed). 

*As she ages, not only does she look like her father, but also is like him in personality. 

*She has went to summer camp the last two years for two weeks.  She LOVES it there.

* Last time we went to the library and she had too many books on her card.  She wasn't allowed to take out more.

                             Luna Lovegood Costume she put together herself.  I just ordered the Spectraspecs.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Happy Summer 2019


It's already the end of July.  We met friends at Greenfield Village on a cool day.  They are very grown up.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

Many changes have been going on in the past year.  A big one is that I switched jobs and I work three days a week instead of five.  I'm not at work on Mondays and Thursdays.  Benny really likes me to come into his classroom to help with things.  It's tough to do even working part time.  I made it for his Valentine's Day Party, it's a good thing too.  Due to all the snow days and illnesses there were only two of us helping.   V's class doesn't seem to have parties anymore, which makes me sad.  Benny picked out his outfit himself and I thought it was rocking.  V is almost five feet tall now.  She's wearing MY leggings BTW.    And so it begins....

Also in the picture is Rollie, the kissing puppy.  Benny asked for it and received it at Christmas.  I thought he would never play with it, but he takes it everywhere. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019!!

Yes, we are all still alive.  It's been a very busy year.  V is now 10 years old (!) and Benny is 6.5.  Here's to a great 2019 and more communication!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Halloween (late post)!

I love Holiday shirts ......

We didn't get to take as many fall walks as we have in years past.

Benny and his friend trick or treating.

Downtown Plymouth Trick or Treat.

Greenfield Village Trick or Treat.

We made this house!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I took the kids to see my BIL that was in the hospital.  He had another surgery for his neuralgia and since we live close to a major medical center, he was near us.

I mentioned something to him about when he was going home.  Benny overheard and said:

"You're never going home!  you're going to stay in that room and they are going to shut the door and lock it!"


Monday, September 11, 2017

9 years old!

My eldest child is now nine years old.  Time has went by so quickly.  To me, it seems like she should be around four years old.  It's been a bit of a challenging summer, mostly due to her brother starting Camp with her, but that also has had its benefits as well.

*She loves to read.  She is a quick reader as well.  This summer she read through all the  Weird School Books series.  At camp they had the choice of swimming or visit the library.  She almost always chose the library.

*She has started to physically grow.  She has gotten much, much taller and definately started puberty.  She is so young.  I just can't even deal with it.

*She took an acting class and had a minor part in a play.  We'd love to try community theatre, but rehearsal four times a week is something we just cannot manage as a family right now.  Last year she did dance - tap and ballet, and this year is signed up for tap and lyrical.  She could really use swim lessons and martial arts, but who has the time?

*Last year she qualified on the basis of test scores with 84 other 2nd graders in the district to be invited into the coveted TAG (talented and gifted) program at a special school.  She started there this fall and hopefully will excel and flourish.

*She still is undergoing counseling for ADHD and we've seen more emotional outbursts at home.  I am trying to manage them and assist her and getting what she needs.

*Her favorite activities besides reading are biking, crafts, and creating things (especially potions and the like).

*Her favorite foods are bagels, muffins, and crackers.  Nutrition wise, we could use some improvement.

*Sometimes she amazes me with her intelligence and her questions.  She's so bright, I feel like I need to challenge her more.

* She can be so, so good to her brother.  She takes care of him and talks to him and comforts him.  Other times he is a rival and a bother and she is unkind to him.