Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hair Cut

V's hair is looking pretty shaggy since it is finally growing out from the great scissors incident of 2014. I took her to a chain haircutting place called "Cookie Cutters". She loves it there. You get to sit in a car of some sort while the stylist cuts your hair. They select a TV program on your personal TV. There are toys and a slide to play on while you wait. The best part is that you get a balloon AND a sucker at the end. I usually don't make an appointment because they enjoy playing there so much, so we don't mind a wait. On our drive over yesterday after work, we pulled in and Benny yelled "hair cut!". "I get my hair cut". Uh no buddy. You really don't have much hair. They played and acted like wild children on the slide. V got set up for her cut, so Benny had to get in a car to "get his hair cut". Thankfully, they are very nice about these things. He ran over for a balloon and a sucker when she was done. He told everyone proudly, "I got my hair cut". When I am old and gray, I will remember how cute this is.

Also - they are kids in there a year old that had something like 5 haircuts by now. Benny is definitely following in his sister's footsteps and running late in hair development.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Someone's got a case of the Mondays....

hahaha. That movie!

But really. Last night it snowed and Paul left my car outside. We have a three car garage (okay, really a two car garage since one side is full of stuff). I was running late this morning (what a surprise!). I always think I am all ready to go and then I realize I need to do things like put the ice pack in V's lunch, put a snack in her backpack, lay out her coat, lay out Benny's coat and shoes, make sure they both have gloves and hats. I did that today and made sure I had my stuff by the door - phone, purse, bag, lunch. Today I had extra stuff - workout clothes, a laptop bag & a bag of kid toys for my coworker. I hit the garage door opener and realized my car wasn't in the garage! GAH! It snowed three inches, so I was going to need to do some snow clearing. NOT HAPPY. I started it and cleared off too much snow, mentally cursing out P and Michigan in general. This took at least 10 minutes. Then I knew that he would have to put out garage at the curb and keep the kids out of the snow and put on boots, etc. So I knew the Christian thing to do was to drag all the garbage to the curb. Which I did. My hands were freezing; even in gloves. I finally left ~ 15 min late and promptly got behind an accident. GAH! It took me an extra 25 min to get to work, then I came in. When I got to my desk, where is my lunch bag and breakfast??? Hmmm. I walked over to the water coolers (I love water coolers, so thankful for this perk) and realized they were all out. Both of them! Okay. So then I walked back out to my car and found I forgot my lunch!! The tears almost started. I keep some things at work, but now I need to buy lunch.

What a MONDAY!

Today I am going to offer up my exasperation/stress to the patron Saint of the Day, St. Marguerite Bourgeoys. Also to keep in mind that I am fortunate. To have a job I can be late to and not be fired. To have a car. To have a garage. To have garbage pick up. To have my children go to a great school and daycare. To make it to work safely. It's all about perspective.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Night Leftovers - 1st of Year Edition

*Happy New Year!
*Benny has been difficult lately. Especially upon awakening! Thank goodness Daddy is on morning patrol. He has some molars coming in, which may be the cause.
* Benny likes to stay "No way Jose!". When you ask him to do anything. I try not to laugh.
* Victoria is liking school and seeming happier.
* The holidays this year were tiring. SO much work! (5 loads of dishes a day, 12 loads of company laundry, shopping, cleaning). I think a Christmas cruise with warm weather in next year's plans.
* P bought me a spa day for a Christmas gift. The massage was great! So was the mani/pedi. I have been wanting one for a while, but just no time! I don't "get" facials though, but my skin looked great and the shoulder massage was amazing. Massages = the best.
* We had Vietnamese food when we were in Ohio. I'm in love.... P promised to make Pho on Saturday!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Benny's Morning Poem

I went to turn off his fan and he was standing at the corner of the Pack n Play (yep, still in there!). He said

"hi mama"
"go downstairs"
"eat bar"
"drink milk"
"watch TV"

He was very cute.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Meeting Santa

My friend and I went to a charity event with beautifully decorated trees and no line for Santa! Victoria liked him, but Benny wasn't so sure. I think not having close contact like his lap helped a lot. Plus it is easier on Santa.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Daddy got home shortly before 9:00 pm and dropped him off in his pack-n-play. He protested, started crying, then yelled clearly across the house "Daddy, you come back here!".

I was folding up the cuffs of his too long shirt this morning. He was drinking milk and trying to watch Ruby & Max. "No thank you Mama, no thank you".

Monday, November 17, 2014

Two and half years old


You like to push buttons on everything. The remote control, the garage door, the lights, my keyfobs, and especially the automatic trunk closing button on the Flex. You ask to push the button from your carseat, from the store, from everywhere.

TV is your favorite (oops). You like all the Nick Jr shows. Peppa Pig is your favorite.

You like to dance. I put on music often and we just all dance. I'm trying to find a dance class for you at the right date and time.

Watermelon is waning as your favorite food. I think it is now cut up grapes.

You still won't drink from a straw but WILL drink a juice box.

Drooling is still a big problem for you.

I can't get you to sit on the potty or stand by the potty or go near the potty without a big tantrum. You HATE the potty.

You like to climb all over me when I am sitting on the couch trying to do something. You launch yourself off the table onto my lap like a superhero.

You know most numbers, some colors and many letters.

You love to eat ice cream now!!!!! Finally.

I've started you in gymnastics - Mommy & Me. you tantrumed through the first class but last week you liked everything except summersaults.

You call Victoria "Toria". If she is in trouble for something, he will repeat our words to her in a scolding voice. So, so funny.

Mama, is used as a noun, verb, adjective, etc.

THe pack n play is where you sleep. After a tough week of putting you back in the big boy bed multiple times a night, Daddy put it up. You can stay here until you are six for all the hassle it was. I've accepted it and moved on.