Monday, May 23, 2016

Crabbo McCrabpants

Someone was a crabby, short-tempered, quick-to-cry, non-eater this weekend. Thursday they called me from daycare saying that he had tackled his friend Bradley (He does this at home), and Bradley's finger ended up in his eyeball. He had been crying for 30+ minutes (he isn't a crier),and wouldn't open his eye. She was worried his cornea got scratched. UGH UGH. P was out of town and both kids had dance. I picked up V early, intending to take her to Urgent Care with us, but at the last minute, wondered if my neighbor was home. She has a 4 year old and one year old and is crazy busy, so I felt badly asking her. But I wasn't sure if I could handle him so upset AND her demands at Urgent Care (I've done it before). So she was kind enough to take V (Her four year old loves V), and I gave her a long lecture about not begging for treats and minding her manners.

I went to school to get Benny and he had a paper towel compress over his eye. He wouldn't let anyone see. We got to Urgent Care and there was no wait (hooray!) THis nurse came by and sweet talked him into taking off the compress. He blinked, and then seemed fine! They tried to put dye in it, which didn't go well. They thought it wasn't scratched, and sent us home with eye drops.

This weekend, he was so crabby. I thought his eye hurt. With Tylenol every seven hours, life was improved.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Is why I can't cut his hair.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My afternoon every day.

Since P and I both work outside the home, he is usually responsible for getting the children up, dressed (I leave out the outfits, perfectly coordinated with the weather), fed, sunscreened, medicated, and dropped off and school and daycare. I am still responsible for V's lunch, and setting out their coats and shoes. If I had to do morning and evenings I do not think I could work outside the home. In his last position, he used to travel a lot and it was just so tough on me to do both. I had a rough time getting up earlier and getting the children up earlier. It also causes me to get into work almost an hour later (8:30) then I like to be there. In addition, the traffic to work is much worse the later I go in.

So I do pickup. P really doesn't have a predictable evening schedule. Although in his new job of three months, it seems like he is getting home earlier ~ 7:00 pm, most days, and no weekends. I leave work anywhere between 4:05 and 4:35 pm. It is a 20 minute drive to my house (on most days). Fortunately, my home, daycare, and V's school are all within one mile of each other, unfortunately, it is an extremely busy road with no sidewalks. Some days I use the 20-30 minutes to run a few errands - usually Kroger or gas or pharmacy. I stop at the daycare and Benny is always glad to see me! I strap him in and 0.4 miles down the road we pull in to V's school. She attends before and after school care and really, really likes it. If you are early to pick her up, she is not pleased about it. Benny loves to pick her up. If it is after a certain time, they are playing on the playground. Benny loves to go slide while I find her and sign her out. Then we have to walk all the way through the school (It's a big school) and collect her things and out to the car. The best part is that Benny loves to sit at the desk in the front lobby and pretend he is a student. "My books go down here, and my pencil goes here". He is so proud.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

7.5 years (late!)

I did this interview style.

What do you like best about being 7.5?
Well, I get to go on lots of rollercoasters and do fun stuff.

What don't you like about 7.5?
I have to do lots of chores (she really doesn't)

What is your favorite TV show?
SpongeBob Squarepants (it really isn't)

What is your favorite food?
ice cream

What is your favorite thing to do at school?
play with Mila and reading

Where do you like to go?
The Summit to swim

What is your favorite shopkin?
Roxy Ring. it's a limited edition.

What do you like to wear?
pretty fashionable dresses with sequins

What do you like about Daddy?
He reads me stories at bedtime

What do you like about MaMa?
she likes to buy things online for me (?)

How do you want to make the world a better place?
clean up all the trash that people litter.

What do you like best about Benny?
I don't know. I like how he plays with me.

What do you like best about yourself.
I don't know. I like how I look. I like how pretty I am.
What about on the inside?

Is there anything you would like to invent in the future?
I don't know. A TV that is 100 feet wide.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A fashion designer or a famous singer

What do you like about your house?
I like the way my bedroom looks.

How many kids when you grow up?
what would you name them?
Ruby and Emerald if they were both girls. John and Bob if they were both boys. If I had a boy and a girl it would be Mila and the boy's name would be James.

How do you think people will live in the future?
Maybe they will eat bigger food. Maybe a a big cereal piece as big as the round table in the living room.

Where would you most like to visit?
Canada. I like to visit Yellowstone or Mount Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


"I'm ready to go bike riding".  (It's 57 out)


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Peanuts Obsession

Victoria has has various obsessions throughout her 7.5 years. The first was Elmo for maybe ages 18 mo-3? Then Disney Princesses of course. A small Frozen interest, right when it came out - maybe age 5? Scooby Doo for a while. Then it was Winx videos on the Ipad, a short Monster High time. Now it is mostly Shopkins.

Benny liked Elmo for a while. The current obsession, probably for the last four- ish months is Peanuts and Charlie Brown. P had purchased a three pack of the Peanuts holiday specials (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) for Victoria and we watched them at appropriate times. Benny somehow became obsessed with them. I ended up buying a few other Snoopy and Charlie Brown DVDs I found around. He also likes my Charlie Brown Dictionary that I received for Christmas in 1978 (complete with inscription). He can name every character, and quotes (sometimes not so nice) things from the DVDs - "You blockhead!" "Momma, I'm NOT your sweet Baboo". He carries around the DVDs, scratching them in the process and begs to watch it. He screams out loud when he watches it and finds something funny. His favorite characters when prompted are "Marcie" and "Charlie Brown".

What a surprise. But Peanuts is great (with the exception of mean Lucy) and it's been fun memories for me.

Snoopy and Woodstock shirt. The headband was his own selection.

With one of his precious DVDs. He took it to bed.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Night Leftovers

Friday Night Leftovers

Why yes, I’m alive. I always say how busy I am, but it’s true. Some nights, I don’t have time to eat dinner, so just grab a smoothie or something fast like toast and cheese.

I been doing a much better job of putting the laundry away lately. P has been taking V to counseling appointments on Wednesday nights instead of me, so I’ve been putting away laundry those nights, so it’s not such a terrible job (around 5 loads) on Sunday. So much laundry.

Also helping with laundry put away is that I’ve gotten into watching “The Walking Dead”. I run it on the Ipad while I put away laundry. I have always read and watched a lot of post-apocalyptic movies and books. We had watched the first four episodes on Netflix some time ago, but P wasn’t that huge of a fan. When I was off having surgery there was a marathon, so I Tivo’d the rest of season one and most of two. Then I started downloading on Amazon. I’m now on Season six. So amazing. So heartbreaking. I’m a Rick fan of course. Rick all the way! Carol has to be my 2nd favorite character, followed by Glenn.

I’ve been trying to get back into running after my break for surgery. One day I did one mile, and one day I did 1.6 miles. I wish I was back up to 2.5 miles that I had been doing previously. I still want to do a 5K in April. I need some serious training before then.

The weather has been crazy lately. 50 and sunny one day, 55 and artic force winds the next day, 42 the next day, 65 and sunny the next day. Welcome to Spring in Michigan.

We had the presidential primary here in Michigan last week. Trump and Sanders won. My two least favorite candidates. C’mon Michigan.