Thursday, April 26, 2012

38 weeks

Yesterday I had my 37/38 week OB appointment. After V's birth I had switched to another OB in the practice, because I thought the one I had for her did not manage me well at the end and let me go too long. Well, I saw him yesterday, as my current OB was unavailable. He was the one that we saw when P and I had the first ultrasound and big shock of me being pregnant at 8 weeks. So he knows me. After V was born and my FSH was really high, he agreed that I couldn't have more kids and really didn't recommend much in the way of birth control. He was surprised to see me again to say the least. Did a quick ultrasound, no cervical check, baby head down and firmly wedged in my pelvis. Heartbeat good, possibly high 6 lbs in weight. He also said if I didn't go into Labor in the next two weeks, I pretty much bought myself a C section. So try and get myself into Labor. I ate some pineapple today and feel strange. I had V with me during the appointment and everyone kept calling her my mini-me. I am totally 100% terrified of Labor/Delivery after the very bad experience I had with V. It makes me sick to think about it and I know I have to deal with it. The uncertainty of what is going to happen is really scary for me. On a side note: I have access to my medical records. The OB I saw yesterday reviewed my records during the 2nd hospitalization I had recently. He said some not very nice things about me that make me paranoid about him being on call when I give birth. Great. It also hurt my feelings. I had a good cry about it.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


What do you think of these names? Our last name sounds like "Johnson". The trendy names ending in "n" don't really work.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - sick edition

* I've been meaning to write. But I've been ill. Really ill. I was unable to get off the couch after my last stint in the hospital, then I ended up in triage later one evening getting hydration. It was hell this time. The nurses were unkind, my husband was tired, I had dry heaves, had to have three attempts at IV placement. My sole goal since then is to stay hydrated and out of the hospital. Oh yes, I'm written off work because I've also lost 10 lbs due to anorexia, dehydration, nausea, dizziness, fatigue.
* I'm supposed to eat or drink anything I want.
* P's work is stressing me out. He has a big project due April 23rd. He works until 8 or 9 each evening and says this is his last weekend to work. My mom came down over Easter so he could work on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.
* I've been sleeping in the chair an extra two hours per day. Not so well at night.
* After all the warm weather it became pretty cold here.
* I miss work and socialization. I'm kind of depressed, actually.
* The baby is fine by the way. I should have said that first. Just mama having a hard time.

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