Sunday, April 29, 2007

So much to do!

It's crazy since we don't have kids so you think we wouldn't have a lot to do. Yesterday was non stop work, seriously.

I got up at 7:30 and started on laundry. I went over to a neighboring community which has more stores. I went to the bank, I bought a baby gift (that was hard for me), returned P's clothes to Kohl's and bought him smaller clothes. Ran in JcPenny and bought some sandals. Gulped down a quick lunch. Got gas in the SUV and for the lawnmower, vaccuumed and cleaned (believe me, this is a huge job) the inside of my car. Dropped off dry cleaning. Stopped at the uber busy fruit and veg market and then cleaned and cut up four quarts of strawberries. Made a shortcake. Put away all of my purchases. Dug up an entire 5 gallon bucket of dandelions from the front yard, swept the front porch, swept the deck, trimmed all the bushes, put weed killer on all the sidewalk cracks. Then P got home (he was working. again.) and forced him to come to Home Depot with me where we bought heavy junk that I couldn't lift. One of our rhododendron plants died last year (the others are blooming and look great) and I helped P plant it. We ate some pizza from Papa Murphy's and then I swiffered the kitchen floor, unloaded the dishwasher and did more laundry. I then went upstairs and put away some clothes.

I seemed to have more energy than usual yesterday. Today i cut the grass and started to reseed the huge dead spots in the backyard. I found I don't have enough energy to rake up he dead spots. I left everything out there and I came in the house. I'm tired now.

I seriously don't know people keep up with everything. I guess P is working a lot and can't help with puts more on me. Also, I"m sure my anemia makes me really tired as does the FM. I really like running errands, but down here in Metro Detroit there is so much traffic and stores etc are so busy on weekends that it isn't really very fun at all. We're supposed to play tennis this afternoon so I am going to have a bit of a rest. Still - you can't call me lazy.

The weather is awesome. 75 degrees, sunny, warm, but not hot!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

OKlahoma is OK!

We got in late from OK last night. It was a nice trip, was relaxing and it was nice to see P's family and to get away. OK is a very nice place. Very quiet, very flat, not very wooded compared to MI, very windy and people are super polite which is a plus. P's aunt and uncle live in a spectactular house they built on a little lake in the countryside. They are bordered by a wheat field (very cool to see actual wheat growing) which they own and they also have their own oil well which many people in OK apparently have. It pumps away (see photo) into storage tanks and then it is trucked off to be refined. We spent a bunch of time riding the four wheeler around, being outside, visiting with family, and basically eating. They are just super nice people, very caring, very knowledgable about many things, friendly, and just the definition of hospitable. P's aunt is an outstanding cook and she not only showed me how to make a variety of Polish dishes including pierogi, kluski, and golabki - she sent a bunch home with us in coolers. P had the bright idea to put them in the checked baggage which is still missing. Thus - no polish food :( I was tired and of course ill part of the weekend, but still had a nice time. I got attached to their old farm dog named Clark. He was so sweet and smart.

There is so much to do. I worked late and went to the grocery store. I may collapse into bed. I guess I don't have to unpack my suitcase because it is still missing.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ooops forgot to update

Well I guess it's been a few days. I admire those that update their blogs daily. My life is just not that exciting to merit a daily update.

DId you realize that today is the anniversary for the Oklahoma bombing, the Waco massacre, tomorrow is the the anniversary for the shooting at Columbine and now the shootings at Virginia Tech? I think we all may have known someone similiar to that kid at one time or another. A loner, a complete weirdo, antisocial, socially impaired, kind of scary. Someone that we joke would 'shoot up the place'. It's so sad and inappropriate that the amount of attention this entire tragedy is receiving is exactly what he wanted for himself it seems.

I got back my IgA gluten antibody blood tests and they are negative for celiac disease. Ok... so what the hell is going on with me. I have felt a bit more energetic and such this week, but today am so sleepy and fatigued I can barely keep my head. Maybe this is way you feel when you have kids and I should be grateful that I've experienced it as it seems it won't happen for me. Anyway, I still think I have celiac disease (antibodies can be negative) and I had a call from the MD personally to call her when I got in. That is a bit worrisome.

I'm off tomorrow and Monday and off to Oklahoma! My mum seemed peeved when I told her that I was taking off two entire vacation days and implied that I should spent any and all vacation time visiting her in A-town. I get 28 days a year and I assure you -- that won't happen.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday and cold

It's Sunday and I definately have been going through a lot mentally (and physically) lately. I am sorry the blog is not very uplifting lately. Hopefully that will change really soon. Thus, I am going to dwell on the only good things that have happened since I updated:

- Made it to the gym for a slooow workout twice
- Made it to Target today - they now carry cosmetics from Boots which is British superdrug store that carries many of its own labels - my favorite British store and my very favorite makeup. I missed it a lot when I finally ran out. I bought $50 worth today and I highly recommend. It was a nice little bright spot in my week.
- Got the 3rd season of Entourage from Netflix. It's great. Ari and Johnny Drama really make the entire show worth watching. I also highly recommend.
- Had Sushi Friday night. I love Japanese food. (I may be actually poisoning myself, but I enjoyed it).
- Going to Oklahoma on Friday for the weekend to visit Paul's aunt and uncle that are very nice and live on their own lake. Looking forward to it. Hopefully I will get energy back and be able to fully enjoy the trip.

I'll keep you all posted on what is going on. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for improved health, wellness and acceptance for whatever will come my way.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Does it ever get easier?

Life I mean? I am sosososososo sick of worrying about my health. Today I had follow up at the Rheumatologist for my FM. She mentioned on my last blood work I was mildly anemic. I had been reading about Celiac Disease as I had many of the symptoms. She agreed after much prompting that I should be tested. Well since I work for the helath system I can check my results online. My anemia has worsened. I also have virtually no iron in my blood definately indicating an absorption problem. I am waiting for the more disease specific tests to come back. But if I do have celiac disease that means no more wheat(or wheat gluten) ever again ever (that I can help). That will make eating anywhere but home extremely difficult, expensive, time consuming. That will mean: no pizza, no barley soup, no eggrolls, no soy sauce, no more whole grain cereal, no more pasta, no more bread, salad dressing, the list goes on. I really don't eat a lot of that stuff, but it is nice to be able to eat it when I am in the mood. Am I not already enough of a food weirdo with my no-sugar, low-refined carb diet? I guess I am just feeling a wee bit sorry for myself today. I do think I deserve to, but I agree that it serves absolutely no constructive purpose.

Do you also know the communion host has gluten in it? What in the world am I supposed to do about that? Maybe I am wrong about this and overreacting.

Monday, April 9, 2007

I'm back......

and actually feeling better. That was a pretty miserable and boring run of five days. Probably one of the worst Easter Sunday's I've had. Sick, didn't get to go out of town, no Easter Dinner, too sick to go to Mass. Sigh. I am having Easter Dinner this Sunday coming up - because I feel really cheated. I did make it into work today and then stopped at the grocery store as I have 90% of my desire for food back. I am trying to avoid working out for a few more days because I want to take it slow. I really miss it though, haven't been in two weeks.

So now I have time on my hands. P is working mega-late like normal. I am just scanning in some pictures to fool myself into thinking that I am actually making some headway on that project. They are fun to look it. I have included a timely one ---

I am trying to determine what year this was taken. I think I am around 5 or 6. We didn't get Easter Baskets, but buckets for the beach every year. Kind of weird, but then we grew up like four blocks from Lake Huron and my parents believed in useful things. Check out my sister's crazy Dorothy Hamill haircut. She had that forever. I would so love my hair to be that curly again.

Anyway - glad I'm better - couldn't imagine that happening after Friday being so awful. Thanks for the good wishes.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Sicker yet

Yesterday when I woke up I felt a little bit better. P finally got home that night and I started coughing my self sick. literally. I didn't sleep all.night.long. DUe to coughing and nausea from this stupid Hydocodone cough syrup. I started having nausea and diarrhea. I got an apt at the MD which unfortunately is over in AA. Thank goodness P drove me. I had terrible nausea the entire way. THe MD wasn't too concerned and thought it was a virus. She thought I should feel better in two days. I thought that two days ago honestly. I puked in the car (into a shopping bag I brought along just in case) which wasn't fun with a raw, sore throat.

My cough is slightly better, but why, why why did I have to get n/v/d on top of this? I sat on the couch most of the day trying not to puke. Happy Easter to me. :(

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sick ..... again - Part II

I didn't know it was possible to feel this completely and totally awful. I think I have the actual flu (not the stomach bugs that people incorrectly call flu) with the hot/cold chills, severe body aches, cough, the feeling that you got hit by a bus while at the same time having a severe hangover.The body aches are so bad I can barely get around. I made it through work yesterday and just felt progressivly worse and worse last night. I called in today and I am about 90% sure I won't make it in tomorrow. Good thing I get loads of sick time, but I still feel guilty for not going in. I guess no one else wants the flu anyway. Last week I was out with that damn cold on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday I went to see my mum. I am scheduled to be off this Friday for Good Friday as P is off. I hate missing work and rarely do so. I also missed my Dentist Consultation this morning with all three specialists and I am disappointed - I really wanted to hear the plans for my future dental work. The worst part is that I have no one to take care of me. P is in South Carolina until Thursday night.

As I said in my earlier post, I don't think I was well enough to go to A, but went anyway because I felt obligated. The crazy thing is that my mum said, "does this mean you aren't coming up for Easter"???? She expected me to drive up there again after being sick yet again which I wasn't planning on anyway. Didn't care that I was just up there this weekend. For four days. Sigh. I could barely even muster a response.

It is also really crummy when you are too sick to enjoy a sick day even a little bit.

LOST is on tonight! I most likely will be able to stay up and watch it because I will be up coughing.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

sick .... again

My cold went away by Friday. Yes, well I now have another one with horrible dry coughing fits. Honestly.... haven't I had more than my share?

I'm too tired to blog as I got 4 hours of sleep last night. I'll update later when I don't feel like a old dishcloth.