Tuesday, April 24, 2007

OKlahoma is OK!

We got in late from OK last night. It was a nice trip, was relaxing and it was nice to see P's family and to get away. OK is a very nice place. Very quiet, very flat, not very wooded compared to MI, very windy and people are super polite which is a plus. P's aunt and uncle live in a spectactular house they built on a little lake in the countryside. They are bordered by a wheat field (very cool to see actual wheat growing) which they own and they also have their own oil well which many people in OK apparently have. It pumps away (see photo) into storage tanks and then it is trucked off to be refined. We spent a bunch of time riding the four wheeler around, being outside, visiting with family, and basically eating. They are just super nice people, very caring, very knowledgable about many things, friendly, and just the definition of hospitable. P's aunt is an outstanding cook and she not only showed me how to make a variety of Polish dishes including pierogi, kluski, and golabki - she sent a bunch home with us in coolers. P had the bright idea to put them in the checked baggage which is still missing. Thus - no polish food :( I was tired and of course ill part of the weekend, but still had a nice time. I got attached to their old farm dog named Clark. He was so sweet and smart.

There is so much to do. I worked late and went to the grocery store. I may collapse into bed. I guess I don't have to unpack my suitcase because it is still missing.

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