Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Does it ever get easier?

Life I mean? I am sosososososo sick of worrying about my health. Today I had follow up at the Rheumatologist for my FM. She mentioned on my last blood work I was mildly anemic. I had been reading about Celiac Disease as I had many of the symptoms. She agreed after much prompting that I should be tested. Well since I work for the helath system I can check my results online. My anemia has worsened. I also have virtually no iron in my blood definately indicating an absorption problem. I am waiting for the more disease specific tests to come back. But if I do have celiac disease that means no more wheat(or wheat gluten) ever again ever (that I can help). That will make eating anywhere but home extremely difficult, expensive, time consuming. That will mean: no pizza, no barley soup, no eggrolls, no soy sauce, no more whole grain cereal, no more pasta, no more bread, salad dressing, the list goes on. I really don't eat a lot of that stuff, but it is nice to be able to eat it when I am in the mood. Am I not already enough of a food weirdo with my no-sugar, low-refined carb diet? I guess I am just feeling a wee bit sorry for myself today. I do think I deserve to, but I agree that it serves absolutely no constructive purpose.

Do you also know the communion host has gluten in it? What in the world am I supposed to do about that? Maybe I am wrong about this and overreacting.

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