Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ooops forgot to update

Well I guess it's been a few days. I admire those that update their blogs daily. My life is just not that exciting to merit a daily update.

DId you realize that today is the anniversary for the Oklahoma bombing, the Waco massacre, tomorrow is the the anniversary for the shooting at Columbine and now the shootings at Virginia Tech? I think we all may have known someone similiar to that kid at one time or another. A loner, a complete weirdo, antisocial, socially impaired, kind of scary. Someone that we joke would 'shoot up the place'. It's so sad and inappropriate that the amount of attention this entire tragedy is receiving is exactly what he wanted for himself it seems.

I got back my IgA gluten antibody blood tests and they are negative for celiac disease. Ok... so what the hell is going on with me. I have felt a bit more energetic and such this week, but today am so sleepy and fatigued I can barely keep my head. Maybe this is way you feel when you have kids and I should be grateful that I've experienced it as it seems it won't happen for me. Anyway, I still think I have celiac disease (antibodies can be negative) and I had a call from the MD personally to call her when I got in. That is a bit worrisome.

I'm off tomorrow and Monday and off to Oklahoma! My mum seemed peeved when I told her that I was taking off two entire vacation days and implied that I should spent any and all vacation time visiting her in A-town. I get 28 days a year and I assure you -- that won't happen.

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