Monday, June 28, 2010


It seems like when you have a bad day, it is a extremely crappy one. Does one bad thing attract other bad things, or is that one bad thing put you in a hypersensitive realm for another minorly bad thing and blow them out of proportion? I had my performance review at work and I received the highest rating, however, the goals/narrative for this upcoming year sort of well, hurt my feelings/were brutally honest. Then I job that I had interviewed for, and really wanted, and was told I was the top candidate for, I received an email saying "I wasnt' a good fit at this time". Okkkkaaayy then. So someone more qualifed than me beat me out. I can accept that. The job was re-posted later that day. So they just didn't want ME. I can't figure that out. To top it off, the cottage we rented kept a very large part of our very large security deposit because of the way "we left the cottage". Okay then...... Fantastic.

1:45 hours left to this day - a MONDAY - that may be the reason, and I am done with it.

A new start is always good.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation Post

We went up to Northern Michigan for a week's house rental on the water. It's something we've done several times before in various locations in Northern Michigan. Usually it is a nice house right on Lake Michigan, or in this case, an Inland Lake. It was nice to be outside and off work. If you think Michigan is just Detroit (which we all know is yucky), you are missing out on incredible beauty.

Victoria playing with toys the minute we got there.

Someone fell asleep with their Life preserver on.

Petting the animals outside the Black Star Farms Winery. (A huge hit!)

In front of Lake Michigan at Leelanau State Park. V loves to throw stones in the water (or anything in the water for that matter).

Giant Michigan strawberry that looks like a heart. Fresh local strawberries are amazing. They are so juicy and sweet, nothing like what is found in grocery stores even those can be good too.

Inside of the house view.

Target Trip

Many people in blogworld like to talk about the deals they find at Target. I do too. Today I had an unplanned trip because V was back at school for the first time in two weeks and I was informed that Tuesdays and Fridays are "water days". The kids need a bunch of water paraphanalia and get to play outside with water. Fine, great. Vi has two swimsuits, both getting too small. Target had adorable swimsuits, but with the way she burns I was looking for a surfer wetsuit type of shirt. Nothing in a 2T or really any size except 12M & 5T. Tis the season. I bought her some slightly large water shoes = $8, water diapers = $9 - $1 coupon plus free shades, more sunscreen- Aveeno - $7, regular diapers - $20 (I stopped buying the Target brand for school, they got too saggy), applesauce for school - $2, $8 - ELMO shapes video, $2 puffs, $4 worth of Ravolis to keep in the car for emergencies, $2.50 shirt to wear over swimsuit. The only thing I bought for myself was a 24 pack of Diet Coke. !!

I also looked at all the clearance, but the most I found was 50% off. I'm looking for more!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I have to write a post about V's illnesses because it was such a frightening ordeal and I need to remember what happened.

After all the hectic craziness, we are on vacation this week. At a cottage. In Northern Michigan. Don't get any crazy ideas, because someone is watching our house!

We drove up to my hometown on Saturday. It went very well. Vi sang and hung out and we stopped an hour in to eat lunch. I chose something quick - Wendy's because my gluten-challenged self could get a baked potato and chili there. I ate a few of V's fries because, hey, fries are good and I have never had issues with gluten contamination in fryers before. Well, this time I had searing, sharp, esophageal pain. IT was the worst! I couldn't swallow without pain. I'm pretty sure it was due to Gluten contamination. I paid for my poor decision big time.

Anyway - V slept the rest of the way there. That was super! P and I listened to a book on tape - "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid" by Bill Bryson. We *Love Bill Bryson.

My nepnew (my original baby!) had his graduation party on Sunday. V had fallen asleep and we woke her up after 2.5 hours to go. I cooked and prepared food all morning to help my mom; P took V down to the lake on a super gorgeous day :( It was also my birthday. The party was loud, and hot and crowded. Vi cried and fussed the entire time, especially when people got in her face (which was all the time). I didn't even get to eat. We left at 4:30 and drove to our cottage for 3 hours. V whined a great deal of the time. All the stress of the past week got to me and I cried for a bit. Plus it was my birthday and it wasn't a very fun day.

So today was our first day at the cottage. Being in a new enviroment with a toddler is a lot of work. Someone has to watch her at ALL TIMES. SHe is out of sorts and cranky. It is so difficult to get them to sleep this time of year, because it is light out so late! But it is great to be outside and doing something different.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My poor baby #2

Vi has gotten v sick. She has pneumococcal pneumonia. Yes, the one she received 4 vaccines for prior to age 2. In the past three days, she's been to the pediatrician, the ER, the Urgent Care, the hospital, two pharmacies, had an X-ray, an IV, blood draw, a fever of 103, and explosive diarrhea from the antibiotic. My poor little baby. Still not feeling so great. Worried about her.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

FSH Results

I haven't talked too much about what is going on with the infertility stuff.

When I last saw my OBGYN he said we could check my Day 3 FSH. I went and had it checked and was quite pleased by the results - 11.5!!! Normal range for luteal phase at my lab is 1-12. In the past I've had results from 18- 48, which are very bad for those that want pregnancy. Anything elevated indicates the possibility of POF or premature ovarian failure in which your body is trying way too hard to ovulate, and usually failing to do so.

The husband has been pretty "happy" that this is been a low FSH month and is definately reaping the benefits. Yesterday V and I walked to the mailbox and I had a copy of the lab results (I work where I get my blood draw - I can see my results) saying that my numbers were "too elevated" and I should go see the RE. Gee, thanks jerk!!! He promised he would call me and 'discuss' the results, and possibly manage a few cycles of clomid from his office so that I DIDN"T have to go see the RE, which I despise doing. I feel hurt and cheated. Here's yet ANOTHER doc that say my results are "too complex" and has written me off like SO MANY OTHERS.

I feel like a big fat failure because my body won't do what it is supposed to and every one else seems to get pregnant so easily.

Thanks. I need to vent. I know I am totally lucky to have my V and all the fabulous things in my life.