Monday, June 28, 2010


It seems like when you have a bad day, it is a extremely crappy one. Does one bad thing attract other bad things, or is that one bad thing put you in a hypersensitive realm for another minorly bad thing and blow them out of proportion? I had my performance review at work and I received the highest rating, however, the goals/narrative for this upcoming year sort of well, hurt my feelings/were brutally honest. Then I job that I had interviewed for, and really wanted, and was told I was the top candidate for, I received an email saying "I wasnt' a good fit at this time". Okkkkaaayy then. So someone more qualifed than me beat me out. I can accept that. The job was re-posted later that day. So they just didn't want ME. I can't figure that out. To top it off, the cottage we rented kept a very large part of our very large security deposit because of the way "we left the cottage". Okay then...... Fantastic.

1:45 hours left to this day - a MONDAY - that may be the reason, and I am done with it.

A new start is always good.


Searching for Serenity said...

Well crap. That is a frustrating way to start the week.

At least you have a long weekend ahead.

Hang in there.

Julie said...

Can you get feedback from the department that didn't hire you? Maybe it really has nothing to do with you?

Hugs coming your way...

Anonymous said...

:( yuck! that sucks. sounds like we need to have a bottle of wine. my day today was pretty sucky too!!!!


MrsSpock said...

Oh that sucks!