Thursday, June 3, 2010

FSH Results

I haven't talked too much about what is going on with the infertility stuff.

When I last saw my OBGYN he said we could check my Day 3 FSH. I went and had it checked and was quite pleased by the results - 11.5!!! Normal range for luteal phase at my lab is 1-12. In the past I've had results from 18- 48, which are very bad for those that want pregnancy. Anything elevated indicates the possibility of POF or premature ovarian failure in which your body is trying way too hard to ovulate, and usually failing to do so.

The husband has been pretty "happy" that this is been a low FSH month and is definately reaping the benefits. Yesterday V and I walked to the mailbox and I had a copy of the lab results (I work where I get my blood draw - I can see my results) saying that my numbers were "too elevated" and I should go see the RE. Gee, thanks jerk!!! He promised he would call me and 'discuss' the results, and possibly manage a few cycles of clomid from his office so that I DIDN"T have to go see the RE, which I despise doing. I feel hurt and cheated. Here's yet ANOTHER doc that say my results are "too complex" and has written me off like SO MANY OTHERS.

I feel like a big fat failure because my body won't do what it is supposed to and every one else seems to get pregnant so easily.

Thanks. I need to vent. I know I am totally lucky to have my V and all the fabulous things in my life.


Alisha said...

I have a long history of infertility as well. I have PCO. My 5th cycle of clomid just totally failed (didn't even ovulate on 200 mg). They want to move me onto injectables and I'm not keen on it. Ttc mode is a stagnant hell in my house--I feel like I'm a slave to appts and days of the month. For some reason, I'm not comfortable talking about it on my blog, even though it's a huge part of my life right now.

I'm glad to hear your FSH came out better than in the past! Wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...

that's great that the fsh is down. i wonder if we go to the same place? ;) i hated the first ob i saw. he didn't even address anything, wouldn't even *discuss* anything with me, and then that's when the sh*t hit the fan, lol.

i was just telling b the other day that i still find myself getting irritated when people get pregnant so easily, even though i have two kids now. i suppose the feeling of being broken sticks with us for a long time!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Jen !The fact thst you were able to have V is a good sign; my doctor said if you get pregnant once, chances are better for having others. Atleast they have an idea of your issues; no-one seems to know any answers for me still. Count your blessings everyday for having V.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer -

I know you totally realize this - but you have V! :)

But I know infertility stinks. You know that I know!


MrsSpock said...

Most of us started out wanting more than one child. We wanted 5-6. It helps having one- but it doesn't take away the knowledge that the family you planned may never come to fruition.

That FSH is good, compared to the others!