Monday, June 14, 2010


I have to write a post about V's illnesses because it was such a frightening ordeal and I need to remember what happened.

After all the hectic craziness, we are on vacation this week. At a cottage. In Northern Michigan. Don't get any crazy ideas, because someone is watching our house!

We drove up to my hometown on Saturday. It went very well. Vi sang and hung out and we stopped an hour in to eat lunch. I chose something quick - Wendy's because my gluten-challenged self could get a baked potato and chili there. I ate a few of V's fries because, hey, fries are good and I have never had issues with gluten contamination in fryers before. Well, this time I had searing, sharp, esophageal pain. IT was the worst! I couldn't swallow without pain. I'm pretty sure it was due to Gluten contamination. I paid for my poor decision big time.

Anyway - V slept the rest of the way there. That was super! P and I listened to a book on tape - "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid" by Bill Bryson. We *Love Bill Bryson.

My nepnew (my original baby!) had his graduation party on Sunday. V had fallen asleep and we woke her up after 2.5 hours to go. I cooked and prepared food all morning to help my mom; P took V down to the lake on a super gorgeous day :( It was also my birthday. The party was loud, and hot and crowded. Vi cried and fussed the entire time, especially when people got in her face (which was all the time). I didn't even get to eat. We left at 4:30 and drove to our cottage for 3 hours. V whined a great deal of the time. All the stress of the past week got to me and I cried for a bit. Plus it was my birthday and it wasn't a very fun day.

So today was our first day at the cottage. Being in a new enviroment with a toddler is a lot of work. Someone has to watch her at ALL TIMES. SHe is out of sorts and cranky. It is so difficult to get them to sleep this time of year, because it is light out so late! But it is great to be outside and doing something different.


Anonymous said...

yikes. hope she is doing better!

we love bill, too! :) we listened to one of his books the whole way home from DC one time, lol.

Julie said...

I have a hard time getting to sleep this time of year, too. Enjoy that vacation - you deserve it!

MrsSpock said...

Traveling with a toddler is no fun. When we visited the in-laws in Cleveland, he wouldn't sleep in the Pack-n-Play, which meant one of us was up sitting with him at night in the rocking chair.