Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation Post

We went up to Northern Michigan for a week's house rental on the water. It's something we've done several times before in various locations in Northern Michigan. Usually it is a nice house right on Lake Michigan, or in this case, an Inland Lake. It was nice to be outside and off work. If you think Michigan is just Detroit (which we all know is yucky), you are missing out on incredible beauty.

Victoria playing with toys the minute we got there.

Someone fell asleep with their Life preserver on.

Petting the animals outside the Black Star Farms Winery. (A huge hit!)

In front of Lake Michigan at Leelanau State Park. V loves to throw stones in the water (or anything in the water for that matter).

Giant Michigan strawberry that looks like a heart. Fresh local strawberries are amazing. They are so juicy and sweet, nothing like what is found in grocery stores even those can be good too.

Inside of the house view.


Julie said...

I'm sure it was great to get away! I hope you had a fun time - love the sleeping baby in the life jacket :)

Anonymous said...

that place looks awesome. did you make it out to 2 lads? that's our new favorite winery of the area. but the cheese at black star farms is good, too!!

:) we still need to get together!

MrsSpock said...

That looks awesome, especially that big, juicy strawberry.

Searching for Serenity said...

It looks like you had a great trip! I've never been to northern Michigan, but I imagine it's similar to the North Shore on Lake Superior here in Minnesota. Simply Gorgeous. Like an escape in our hour state.

How did she sleep comfortably like that? At least she was safe. ;-)

Thanks for sharing the pictures.