Wednesday, September 21, 2016

1st day of School

The first day of school has come and gone and I am just now posting. We start late here in Michigan since a state law was passed mandating a post-Labor Day start (helps with tourism $$$). V started 2nd grade and Benny started pre-K both at the same place as last year. (pretty much daycare, but with a preschool teacher and more formal learning). V was prescribed glasses in July, just for school work. So far, V really likes school, and Benny has been really tired, both going to bed an hour early. V is still going to before and after school care, which she really likes. Benny really wants to go to V’s school and after school care. I think we are going to try him at her camp in the summer. But he has to become more comfortable in the water and changing clothes before that time. Both are required. Here’s to a good school year!