Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Made it through surgery today. Extremely successful, doctors were very happy. Avoided needing bone grafted from hip, avoided vomiting, the biggest fears. Only real complication was nerve damage for the lower lip, which could result in permanent numbness. One significant outcome was a change in nose shape from pushing it up. Doctors said it was a very desirable look, one that people pay thousands for plastic surgery to obtain. Difficult to tell how everything will look in the end due to all the swelling, which will only get worse over the next few days. Will be in the hospital at least one night, perhaps two.

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's time

I am home getting ready for surgery tomorrow. I am terrified. My stomach hurts, my head hurts, I'm dizzy and feel nauseous. I'm 85% convinced that it is due to stress. Ugh.

I took half a day off because I could not concentrate and I had to supply shop and grab some groceries for the family. P is taking me at 5:15 tomorrow morning. That is so early. I will probably be in recovery all night.

Please pray for me. It will be so difficult to keep my little V away from me for a period of time.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pictures with stories

P was gone for a long time. A weekend, home for an evening, off to Wisconsin for three days, home for three days, off to the UK for 8 days. V missed him. I took this picture when he had gotten home. V is proudly wearing the crown she made in school, wearing her new London T-shirt, and hanging with Daddy and her doll "Alice". I asked her what her doll's name was, and surprisingly she said "Alice". We don't know anyone named Alice.

This is V at Red Robin (I can eat their fries and we were out and about and I was starving) pretending to talk on her Cinderella "cell phone". Like mama.

We were determined to get V to pee on the potty after she had woken up from a three hour nap dry. We both entertained her for OVER ONE ENTIRE HOUR until she could not hold it any longer. P drew her pictures on the Magna Doodle. The picture of us is what he drew. I love it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crappy day.... er Week


Rotten day. Part of a very rotten week. But anyway.

It's been warm this week. Yesterday was 58 F and today was 70F! We took the jogger out yesterday (I walked) and I plied her up with snacks for the ride.

It felt great to be outside!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My new Blog

The new blog for dental surgery has started:


It has mug shots on there. And they are NOT flattering. I really don't look that bad in person. Honest. :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


P was still away this weekend, so V and I did some shopping! We were supposed to meet my mother in another town and stay overnight, but they received 16 inches of snow (!!) and the 2.5 hour drive would have been intolerable for her. We were both disappointed.

I did get some deals though!

Kohl's -

Had $20 Kohl's cash and a 15% off total purchase coupon.

Vi is currently obsessed with shoes. I don't know where she gets this from, because I am not a shoe person. Every store we go in, she wants to put on shoes, admire herself, take the obligatory lap around two aisles and come back. Then she tries to throw the shoes in the cart. I let her try on 11 pairs in Kohl's. She really likes those rubber rain boots that you see kids wearing. In England, we called them "wellies". They just don't seem that comfortable for a kid to run around in all day and would make your feet sweaty. So we didn't buy those. She tried a mini pair of Faux Uggs. They were tan and marked down from $39.00 to $20.00. I told her that it was too much. She fussed and I let her put them in the cart thinking I would put them back at checkout. We were at the price check scanner and they rang up $3.99! They are a size 8T and a little bit large, most likely too small next year, but the old softie bought them anyway.

Also at Kohl's - two bras for me (Yipee). I felt badly spending $22 each on them. Another super deal - (I tend to shop Clearance if you didn't realize that) - Water Babies Newborn Twins. V has been kind of bored with her toys lately, but has been playing with her "baby" that a neighbor gave her last birthday. She loves the pacifier that comes with and is always putting it in her mouth too. I wanted to buy her some of those baby bottles with juice or milk that disappear when you 'feed' it to them. Target didn't have any and all their baby accessories were at least $10 for a bunch of junk. So I held off. At Kohl's there was two babies and two bottles on Clearance for $9.99.

The only one left. I snatched those up so fast. She played and played with them all day Sunday. The original price at Kohl's was $24.99 and on Amazon $38.00. Wow! We didn't put the water in them and I don't want her to know about it because she will want to dump and refill them constantly. And mama is old and tired.

I went to a Mom's Sale on Saturday am. And it was crummy. I did find a Fisher Price Noah's Ark for $5 in great condition.

V had played with this at someone's house and I knew she liked it. It seemed to have a lot of animals with it and Noah, so I wasn't too concerned for the price if some were missing. When I got home I looked up on Amazon and it sells for $25. All the animals were there. Great find.

ALso on Saturday we went to Target. DIdn't find much clearance. But this is a bigger, newer Target than our usual and they had a great food section. Lots of frozen veggies and yogurt were way cheaper. We spend $113!! But $35 of that was on diapers. When o when will that end?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So what is new - Tidbits

It's been so long since I've done a Tidbits post. I wish they were the donuts.

I'm home sick today. Again. Between P and since the beginning of the year, we've been sick six times. Six times. P had two influenza type bouts and a cold. I had a cough and body aches two weeks ago, and in January, a stomach virus when visiting my mom. Yesterday I got to work (early I might add), did a few things, then felt like I was hit on the back of the head and saw stars. The dizziness hit me, oh geez, the dizziness. I started dry heaving, then had diarrhea. I managed to get myself home - a 20 minute drive. Was sick when I got home, and went promptly up to bed with an excruitiating headache. I slept for two hours then felt a little better, went downstairs, and dry heaved until 4:00. I had to get it together to pick up V at 4:30. P is in the UK for an entire week. Sometimes I feel totally alone. P works so much, and we have no family nearby. My neighbors that would help don't drive or work themselves. Our good friends live 30 minutes away. Ugh. I'm home again today. Feel much better, but stayed home today because I have a horrible nausea inducing headache. How do people handle migranes? I can't even imagine.


My jaw surgery is scheduled for March 29th. I had my preworkup visit last Friday. I'm so excited!!!!!!


Someone told me if your child is sad, it breaks your heart. Absolutely! More like tears it in half. My V hit the 2.5 year mark and moved up to the new classroom. She is one of the youngest kids there, but moved up with another little friend from her class. There are also four of her old friends in the new classroom. Can I say I don't like the teachers? They are not warm and friendly like her old teachers. V has been transitioning for the last two weeks and had an easy time of it. But now that she is in the new classroom full time, she is NOT happy. She cries in the morning and told me today "no new classroom". It breaks my heart. It is so different there because there ARE SO MANY KIDS. There was 12 in her old class and three teachers. Now there are 16-18 and two teachers. She doesn't get a lot of attention. I know she had had difficulty adjusting to her last two moves and this is normal. But it breaks my heart to see the spring gone for her step. She misses all her little friends and her old teachers.


Watching "I didn't Know I Was Pregnant". The girl gained 70 lbs and drank (she was in college) the entire pregnancy. Oh. The kid is fine. No father is every mentioned. These girls!!!


We sure haven't seen too much of my husband lately. He was gone last weekend, then was in Wisconsin for three days. Then worked super late and the following weekend, then left for the UK. For 10 days. Sigh. We miss him.

P being in the UK makes me envious. We lived there for three years and he went back to all of our old places. I want to go!!!

We are so ready for Spring!!!!!!! Every time we drive by the school in the sub, V cries "Slides" and begs to go. We are planning to buy V a swing set and she will be able to play in the backyard :)


This whole Charlie Sheen thing. I don't watch Two and Half Men, but I know people love it. It never surprises me the human penchant for self-destruction. Especially when you have it all.