Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So what is new - Tidbits

It's been so long since I've done a Tidbits post. I wish they were the donuts.

I'm home sick today. Again. Between P and since the beginning of the year, we've been sick six times. Six times. P had two influenza type bouts and a cold. I had a cough and body aches two weeks ago, and in January, a stomach virus when visiting my mom. Yesterday I got to work (early I might add), did a few things, then felt like I was hit on the back of the head and saw stars. The dizziness hit me, oh geez, the dizziness. I started dry heaving, then had diarrhea. I managed to get myself home - a 20 minute drive. Was sick when I got home, and went promptly up to bed with an excruitiating headache. I slept for two hours then felt a little better, went downstairs, and dry heaved until 4:00. I had to get it together to pick up V at 4:30. P is in the UK for an entire week. Sometimes I feel totally alone. P works so much, and we have no family nearby. My neighbors that would help don't drive or work themselves. Our good friends live 30 minutes away. Ugh. I'm home again today. Feel much better, but stayed home today because I have a horrible nausea inducing headache. How do people handle migranes? I can't even imagine.


My jaw surgery is scheduled for March 29th. I had my preworkup visit last Friday. I'm so excited!!!!!!


Someone told me if your child is sad, it breaks your heart. Absolutely! More like tears it in half. My V hit the 2.5 year mark and moved up to the new classroom. She is one of the youngest kids there, but moved up with another little friend from her class. There are also four of her old friends in the new classroom. Can I say I don't like the teachers? They are not warm and friendly like her old teachers. V has been transitioning for the last two weeks and had an easy time of it. But now that she is in the new classroom full time, she is NOT happy. She cries in the morning and told me today "no new classroom". It breaks my heart. It is so different there because there ARE SO MANY KIDS. There was 12 in her old class and three teachers. Now there are 16-18 and two teachers. She doesn't get a lot of attention. I know she had had difficulty adjusting to her last two moves and this is normal. But it breaks my heart to see the spring gone for her step. She misses all her little friends and her old teachers.


Watching "I didn't Know I Was Pregnant". The girl gained 70 lbs and drank (she was in college) the entire pregnancy. Oh. The kid is fine. No father is every mentioned. These girls!!!


We sure haven't seen too much of my husband lately. He was gone last weekend, then was in Wisconsin for three days. Then worked super late and the following weekend, then left for the UK. For 10 days. Sigh. We miss him.

P being in the UK makes me envious. We lived there for three years and he went back to all of our old places. I want to go!!!

We are so ready for Spring!!!!!!! Every time we drive by the school in the sub, V cries "Slides" and begs to go. We are planning to buy V a swing set and she will be able to play in the backyard :)


This whole Charlie Sheen thing. I don't watch Two and Half Men, but I know people love it. It never surprises me the human penchant for self-destruction. Especially when you have it all.


Anonymous said...

boo. :( i hate being sick!! so sorry that dh is out of town. it sucks to feel crappy when you are the one who is "on".

super excited about the surgery though!! seems like it's been a long time coming!!!

we should try to get together at some point!

JEN said...

Oh my gosh - Just realized that it is "TIMBITS" not tidbits. Duh.

JEN said...

WOuld love to get together! w/kids or sans kids?

MrsSpock said...

We are SO sick of being sick too. RSV for both kids now and what seems to be UTI for me. SO done with this.