Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Made it through surgery today. Extremely successful, doctors were very happy. Avoided needing bone grafted from hip, avoided vomiting, the biggest fears. Only real complication was nerve damage for the lower lip, which could result in permanent numbness. One significant outcome was a change in nose shape from pushing it up. Doctors said it was a very desirable look, one that people pay thousands for plastic surgery to obtain. Difficult to tell how everything will look in the end due to all the swelling, which will only get worse over the next few days. Will be in the hospital at least one night, perhaps two.


Alisha said...

Great news! Interesting about the nose... :)

Julie said...

yay!!! so happy for you, Jen! I agree with Alisha - fascinating bit about the nose - hey, welcomed bonus right? ;) xoxo wishing you a speedy recovery.