Monday, February 21, 2011

Surgery Date

I now, after four years of treatment, have a surgery date. March 29, 2011. It was originally scheduled March 22nd, but I received a call from the resident asking permission to move it back a week. He said they have two other cases scheduled and they only had 2 hours alloted for me, didn't want to rush, and think they needed at least six hours on me.

Last Thursday, I went to my Prostodontist and received my temporary partial lower denture. It was screwed into my lower four implants and is very comfortable. It looks really high right now; that will not be the case after my surgery. I had to buy a WaterPik to clean underneath it. The BIG BIG negative is that my jaws and bite are so messed up that there is a large space between my upper and lower molars and it renders basically unable to chew since my teeth don't meet. How frustrating! I told him about it, but I felt like he kind of shrugged me off.

That night I got home and was tired and hungry and frustrated. I felt like I had enough of all of this dental stuff. Enough!! I emailed my surgeon about it, and he emailed me back immediately, copying my prostodontist. Augh! The prostodontist called me the next day and asked me to come in on Monday. sigh. He made me a thick plastic 'wafer' that sits across my mouth and over my back teeth to make molar contact. The chewing is easier, but not what I would call "easy".

It seems like all I can think about is my surgery lately. I'm petrified and I HATE being out of commission.

I'm thinking about starting a new blog to chronicle my jaw surgery.


MrsSpock said...

Wow, a surgery four years in the making. Is this really the final one?

April said...

good grief. how has this taken this long?? hopefully they will take care of business :) least your surgeon sounds good!


Julie said...

praying that this gets easier for you and that the upcoming surgery does the trick. you've been through so much already and I prayer there is relief in site very soon! xoxo Julie