Friday, February 4, 2011


This week at school, I had V sitting on the bench outside the infant room to put on her coat & hat (she wouldn't cooperate in her room). I let her stand on the bench outside the window because she wanted "to look at the babies". The conversation went like this:

V (pointing): there's my little sister
me: whaatttt?
V: there is my little sister
me: no it isn't silly. That's G____'s sister (a boy in her class. (He must say that when they walk by the room)
V: where is my sister?

I don't know kid. I was wondering the same thing myself.


MrsSpock said...

J seems to be completely uninterested in the sibling thing. Perhaps Vi can borrow his now and again?

Anonymous said...


...but remember that creepy "kid sister" doll from the 80's? this post made me remember that! lol.

Anonymous said...

That's cute