Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2 1/2 years old

2 1/2 years old!

What I want to remember:

When mama or daddy go to the bathroom, you say" You get a M & M. You get an M & M". (It is not enough to make you go however)
The way you waved your little arm off at Zoe at Sesame Street Live
How you put on the tutu on and declare "I"m a ballerina".
that you push kitchen chairs all over the kitchen, climb up, and reach whatever your heart desires. (mom can't keep contraband on the counter any longer).
Building 'castles' with Duplo blocks.
twirling your hair when you get tired
climbing up on my knees when I bend down to give you a big hug
pretending to take bites of things you aren't sure about and drinks out of empty cups
getting your broken winnie the pooh phone to "call grandma".
Asking to go outside when it is 5 degrees and blizzard-y (we miss warmer weather!)
Your light up shoes - oh my goodness how we (and everyone we meet) loves your light up shoes
When we are all in the car and getting ready to get out and you say, "I wanna go. I wanna come too".
You demand "ring around the rosey"
sitting on Daddy's lap eating his cereal even though you just finished breakfast
trying to turn on/off the TV with the remote control
Your glee at realizing that you can turn the lights on/off

Other things:
Asks to go potty, goes through the motions, but never produces anything in potty or toilet
won't eat something one day, loves it the next week
The "NO" phase, in which the answer to everything is "NO". If it is something you want, you turn around and cry until you get it, even though you just said "NO".
No naps at home. At all. Done. :(


Anonymous said...

I like the picture. Is that tie dye Elmo? Wherever did you find such a thing?


Anonymous said...

She is a very cute girl. Enjoy her! love Donna