Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shopping Day

P was hosting a Diplomacy gaming day at the house today. I decided to take V out to burn off some energy and do some shopping.

We left the house (and skipped church.. :( around 10:30 and drove 20 minutes to Babies R us. I am looking for a new lunchsack/box, etc for Vi. Hers is yucky looking on the oustide. We walked around and V played with all the toys. I didn't think their sales or clearance were very good. We bought nothing.

Then we went to Costco. I love Costco. The only person that loves Costco more is my mother who is a rabid fan of Sam's Club. When I took her to Costco, she was in heaven. Anyway, it was super crowded in there, but they are so fast at the checkouts. I spent more than I wanted to because I had to renew my membership ($50!!!). I bought these applesauce squeeze packets (no added sugar and organic) that V loves, frozen shrimp, frozen "Naked Nuggets", bananas, Columbuis lunchmeat, mozarella cheese and an exercise shirt for me. We sat and ate lunch there - 2 hotdogs (mine minus the bun) and two sodas for $3. I let V have a little Sprite and she loved it.

We then drove back and stopped at Old Navy because I heard their clearance was 30% off. V was terrible in the store, running around and shreiking. I bought her one little T shirt and that was all. Nothing for myself.

Next store was a Famous Footwear. It's not a place I would ordinarily shop since they carry most of the same brands as Kohls. I ended up breaking down buying V the pair of light up shoes that I thought were so adorable on all the little girls in Florida. They were waaayyyy more that I would usually spend, but still $10 off the norm. She loved them and carried them up to the counter and everything. Here they are!


Anonymous said...

we need a video of her wearing them!


Jayme said...

I love those tights!!!