Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 goals

Even thought it is a few weeks into the new year, I haven't had the time to really sit down and articulate what exactly I would like to achieve, accomplish, experience, etc in the upcoming year. This does require some thought, because "those that fail to plan, plan to fail", right?

Many of my goals are practical. I would like to get Victoria potty trained this year, all from a cost/convenience/growing up standpoint. I would like to teach her to write her name (I know, a little young), brush her teeth on her own (with supervision from mama), and have her be secure enough on stairs to remove the baby gates. Take her to the playground as much as I did last year.

Our house needs a large amount of cosmetic updates. We need to make decision about flooring, painting, light fixture, etc. Get a closet door for the upstairs hallway. Finally redecorate my downstairs tiny bathroom. Plant more flowers this spring. pick out a new front door. Keep the weeds out of the driveway.

On an emotional level, I want to lay down more non-negotiable boundaries with my family. I want to be direct (both personally and at work); to say what I mean and mean what I say. I want to handle conflict well. When people are emotionally dumping on me (this happens ALL the time), I want to be able to handle it gracefully AND cut it short. My spouse needs more extra special attention, more date time, more adult time. Worry less and live in the moment more!

ON a physicial level, I need to keep up my current rate of exercise or else I will be crippled up. And I would like to be able to do just ONE sit up. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? A PUSH UP WOULD BE NICE TOO. I'd like to find something that doesn't make my hair so frizzy lately and lose 10 lbs before my class reunion in August. If I go. That is an entire other post.

Infertiliy. Of course I would like to be incubating a future member of our family. Hopefully in 2011 I can come to terms with what exactly to do.


Anonymous said...

these sound like good goals. i am always shocked at how long it takes us to do the simple stuff around the house. i find myself wondering why we didn't do it sooner, you know?

you and i need to have a strategy session on how to deal with family! i swear. two heads have got to be better than one!

and i have NO idea about potty training/teethbrushing/name writing. i anticipate that age is gonna stress me out. ....although the dentist told me that we should be brushing their teeth until they are about 8 years old. seriously. seriously? i find that difficult to believe!


Anonymous said...

We need major house renovations. I hear ya.


MrsSpock said...

I decided to give away my maternity clothes. It actually felt good. My promise to myself is that if by some miracle I ever need them again, I will have loads of fun buying them.

Gretchen H. said...

I agree you have some great goals! Audrey was almost 3 before she was able to write letters and 3.5 before you could start to make out the letters she was trying to write. Sometimes it takes a while for the brain to catch up to what the mind wants to do and they just don't have the fine motor skills to do it even if they want to write it. But there are lots of pre-writing fun ways to work on learning the shapes of the letters to prepare for writing those letters --- molding dough into the shapes of letters, tracing them in the sand with your fingers, using straight and semi-circle blocks to spell them, etc.

Dentist also told us that she won't have the fine motor control to effectively brush and floss all her teeth until she is about 6 years old. I believe that. At 5 AUdrey has good intentions but she just doesn't have the dexterity to get them like they should be done.

Hope this year is a great one for you!

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