Saturday, May 29, 2010

My little baby

Friday when I picked V up from school, she was crying and her eyes were red and swollen half way shut and she was crying and rubbing them. Poor baby. School wasn't doing anything, even though she was in obvious pain. I took her home and put her in the bath, then rinsed her eyes with a bottle. She bawled and bawled. I thought maybe she got sunscreen in her eyes? She seemed better. Today she woke up puffy and with very red eyes. She was whiny and sad. My mom was here visiting and we ran around most of the day. V woke up from her nap early and her eyes looked atrocious. THe rest her face was swollen and red too.

We ened up taking her to Urgent Care and there was no wait! Yay! To make a long story short, she had a severe allergic reaction to something. Her skin was all blotchy once we got examined and the doctor (during which she screamed, bawled, and clung to my mother), she was found to also have an ear infection. She was started on Prednisone (For 9 days!) and Zithromycin. Tonight she also got Bendryl. She looked better IMMEDIATELY after the Prednisone. I can't belive how quickly. The bad part is that she CANNOT go in the sun from 10-6 every single day for 9 days. Sigh. That is going to be hard with school, and hard next week when we are going to a graduation party.

At least my baby is better.


MrsSpock said...

Wow, poor little pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

:( i can't believe the school wasn't doing anything about it. i get a call pretty quickly when they think anything may be up with my little ones!

Kelly said...

Poor baby. It's supposed to be a nice week here, it will be hard to keep her out of the sun! What will they do at school?

Julie said...

Jen - I'm making Cooper's blog private but would like to still enable you to view it if you're interested. Can you please email me at with your email address so I can add you to the viewer list? Thanks!! xoxo