Thursday, May 20, 2010


This week has been terrible. Horrible. Awful. Crappy.

I did not get a role I really wanted at work. Upset, hurt, and trying to recover and move on.
I miss my desk by the window. My new cube has no light.
Someone at work put a big dent in my car door. It looks bad. My husband is mad.
At work we currently have - 1. No drinking water, 2. No paper (yes, no paper for printing), 3. And no computers for part of this morning.
I can't figure out how to work my new phone
I had to let our cleaning lady go. She wasn't doing a good job. I hate conflict. I can never be in management.
I lost my engagement ring. Somewhere in our house. My most prized physical possession.
I finally told my husband. He was upset I didn't tell him earlier.
The ring may or may not be stolen. A police report may be filed.
My husband spent a hard earned bonus buying me this ring. It was so important to me.
I am a scatterbrain and careless and I lose things and forget things.
Vi had some stomach and behavior issues which resulted on me cleaning up hard feces balls from the floor three separate times.
I got my period.
My mother is barraging me with what to do on Memorial Day. She wants to come down and bring my niece.

All of this resulted in me taking Tranquillizers twice this week in an effort to stay sane and make the terrible hurt in my stomach go away.


Searching for Serenity said...


I'm SO sorry you're having a crappy (shitty would be my word of choice) week.

I hope your ring turns up. Do you think the housecleaner took it?

Hang in there, hun.

Anonymous said...

:( jen. this sucks. what a crap week. that means the weekend has to be better, right?

it's raining now, so maybe that means you will get awesome sleep tonight....well....everyone in the house will get awesome sleep and then you'll wake up to the start of a great weekend.

i really hope the ring turns up!

Julie said...

Dislike! I hope that by now everything has been getting better. I pray you find your ring and that your work situation improves asap - or that a much better opportunity presents itself to you. Hang in there! xoxo Julie

MrsSpock said...

Hope things are looking up...