Sunday, April 29, 2007

So much to do!

It's crazy since we don't have kids so you think we wouldn't have a lot to do. Yesterday was non stop work, seriously.

I got up at 7:30 and started on laundry. I went over to a neighboring community which has more stores. I went to the bank, I bought a baby gift (that was hard for me), returned P's clothes to Kohl's and bought him smaller clothes. Ran in JcPenny and bought some sandals. Gulped down a quick lunch. Got gas in the SUV and for the lawnmower, vaccuumed and cleaned (believe me, this is a huge job) the inside of my car. Dropped off dry cleaning. Stopped at the uber busy fruit and veg market and then cleaned and cut up four quarts of strawberries. Made a shortcake. Put away all of my purchases. Dug up an entire 5 gallon bucket of dandelions from the front yard, swept the front porch, swept the deck, trimmed all the bushes, put weed killer on all the sidewalk cracks. Then P got home (he was working. again.) and forced him to come to Home Depot with me where we bought heavy junk that I couldn't lift. One of our rhododendron plants died last year (the others are blooming and look great) and I helped P plant it. We ate some pizza from Papa Murphy's and then I swiffered the kitchen floor, unloaded the dishwasher and did more laundry. I then went upstairs and put away some clothes.

I seemed to have more energy than usual yesterday. Today i cut the grass and started to reseed the huge dead spots in the backyard. I found I don't have enough energy to rake up he dead spots. I left everything out there and I came in the house. I'm tired now.

I seriously don't know people keep up with everything. I guess P is working a lot and can't help with puts more on me. Also, I"m sure my anemia makes me really tired as does the FM. I really like running errands, but down here in Metro Detroit there is so much traffic and stores etc are so busy on weekends that it isn't really very fun at all. We're supposed to play tennis this afternoon so I am going to have a bit of a rest. Still - you can't call me lazy.

The weather is awesome. 75 degrees, sunny, warm, but not hot!

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