Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little sweetie

Today Vi really wouldn't drink her bottles at day care. I was going to hit the gym for 45 minutes prior to picking her up. But when I called to let them know, they told me about the lack of fluids. I went to get her and we ate (6 oz for me!) and decided to go to Sam's Club. That is always a tiring trip. It was pouring rain and I covered Vi up with my coat. She was such a little doll in the store! Everyone stopped and said hi and she didn't make strange or anything, just smiled and talked. She sat up in the cart like a big girl and I couldn't put the strap around her to help support her because it was soaked. We got diapers (of course), TP, paper towels, cheese, and shrimp. I felt so honored to be her mum and be out with my little friend.

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LISA said...

Glad you are enjoying her!