Monday, May 7, 2007

An ode to work

Monday is now past us. SO very glad. Although very nice for a Monday.

I have dialogues in my head sometimes. I think only really smart people do that!

P is not home yet.(Suprise, suprise). He worked Saturday and Sunday. I will have to make him some dinner (yes - I know this isn't the 1950's, but we don't have anything already made, any fast frozen food, plus that isn't healthy and I try not to eat any processed food and he will be starving even though I packed him a lunch. Yes I know I used to be president of NOW and they would frown on that). Why yes thanks, I'm thoughtful.

I think I will make him eggs. Too bad I couldn't make the eggs now and crawl into bed but eggs aren't good warmed up. Trust me on that one.
I am going to call him up like I do EVERY night and see if he is coming home anytime today (take this literally folks) aka before Midnight.

At least I know where he is and he isn't at the bar or anything like that but out earning $$$ to pay for my dental implants. However, it's a crummy time of year to work so many hours because it is so nice out and plus I need help with some things in the yard (that scenario wouldn't take place anyway). Why yes, I do 90% of the yard work. I like yard work unless it's over 85 F. I know I'm the perfect wife, thanks!

I kind of admire him for working such long hours honestly. I did it once during my clinicals and never again.

I like giving myself a pat on the back. I should do it more often.

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